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Item Rewards - Official discussion thread

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On 6/13/2019 at 11:07 AM, VaMei said:

This has long been a nagging concern of mine. It really comes down to how many players of what mindset make up the player base, what their personal goals are, and how much strategic value is attached to gold and treasure (or gold vs treasure?).

Factions CWs might play out much like the Rebels vs Imperials in SWG; everyone had to choose a side, but most players only looked at it as a rivalry if they cared at all, and were perfectly content to sell goods to anyone willing to pay for them. What passed for a ‘war’ there was closer to what we’d call a scrim.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, in the dregs even your closest ally is a potential rival. That could play out much like EvE where wars may rage in null sec and a war target’s ships are fair game anywhere, but credits know no allegiance inside Jita station. Or it could be a situation where no one will trade with anyone; provide for yourself, because no one else will.

The closest analogue for dregs is shadowbane.

Generally, in shadowbane one or more players would build the equivalent of a 'trade city" that contained shacks and such to slot vendors. Everyone knew where this city was, everybody used it, people ganked each other there, generally the merchants were anonymous. This was the practice on pretty much every server, and usually people knew which player's alt (and it was generally a single player) owned the city. Often that player would just be an alt account of someone in an enemy guild, but the "gentleman's agreement" usually made the trade city exempt from formal declarations of war, and its owner generally hosted it as a neutral space without any specific banning behaviors or anything like that for enemies, with no guards and taxes only enough to keep the place running.

This behavior was born out of a need for an anonymous free market which otherwise did not exist in the game, and the general glee of ganking people between the bank and the vendors to take their stuff. Since the trade town was good for everyone, everyone treated it as neutral territory, and everyone enforced that.

In my experience the only time such cities WERE attacked was by massive Chinese zergs trying to gain a foothold because nobody would sell them a city, or just to make a point as trade citieswere generally placed in strategically important locations like at a nexus of several runegates. Attacking your server's trade town was a great way to get an entire server banded together against you and all your stuff burned to the ground even faster than just showing up with half of china and saying your goal is to destroy the server.

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