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Guild system for sieges and building for dregs

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Alrighty lets start by me saying im not the greatest at explaining thing at times in text but ill do my best here :)

Lets start with some basics

Guild Ally System
- Guilds have the option to set other guild to one of 3 parameters which are, Allied, Neutral and enemy. Every guild starts off neutral with each other.
- Players names will be colour coded depending on there paramater of the guild there in, Green = Allied, Blue = Neutral and red = Enemy (Unguilded will be classed as neutral)
- New chat option added :Alliance Chat

- Parcels will be claimable by guilds much like the EK the type of parcel claimed will limit what building can be placed and how many can be placed, All claimed parcel are upgrade able via gold and Trade packs (The Giant rocks/Ingot/Logs and things u get from the Quarry/Mine/Mill POI)
- POI parcels are the only parcels that are unclaimable by guilds (You could make them claimable but i feel there better off unclaimable though so guild cant wall them off to make them easier to defend) you can claim all parcel surrounding them though if you realy wanted to but i think there better not.
- Guild who own can set the guards attack list to one of the followings per parcel
          1. Attack anyone but your guild (Self explanatory)
          2. Attack all but allied guilds (Self explanatory)
          3.Only attack enemy guilds (Self explanatory)
          4. Only attack players on the guild KoS list (Guild can black list players and guard will only attack these players)
          5. attack aggressors (Guard will attack anyone who starts a fight)
- Guild leaders can give permission to guild members to have build rights on the claimed parcels much like EK are now
- Guild first parcel will be there capital parcel, this can be moved however but idealy this should be a city parcel of some kind (Since some building can only be placed in the Capital parcel)
- Guild can only claim parcel surrounding there first parcel this will act as a territory system and prevent people claiming random land all over the place

Buildings and capital Parcel
- Banks structure, This can only be built in the capital parcel and will offer a large storage place for individuals and Guilds
- Stone walls may only be built withing a capital parcel
- Dragon Statue this serves as a Bindstone that players can bind there characters too and will be where you recall too when you use recall the amount of players that can bind to it is very low to begin with lets say 10 to start with
- Houses in territory affects how many players can be bound at once to the dragon statue (Cottage = +1 players, Villa = +2 and Manor = +3 and so on.)
- Church this is a large structure that can be built in the capital Parcel, this stucture will Hold relics (Amount depends on the level of the church) these relics will grant a buff to all Guild allies within the guild territory that the church is in.
- Workshops (there will be multiply types of these buildings one for each crafting skill) These building will be a crafting bench for players that can be equiped with Thrall, these buildings should buff that craft slightly
- Guards can be places and upgraded depending on the level of the parcel guards, Guards will socket into defensive structure so you cant freely place all the guards in one ball for example

Claiming a parcel
- Capital Parcels will be claimed by placing a tree in the tile each guild can only have one tree at a time which symbolising its there capital parcel
- Small Parcels will be claimed via craftable claims flag (Stone Mason) along with Gold based on parcel size + extra based on how many parcel you claim already (So cost gets higher the more territory you have (Claim flags will also be used to start seiges)
- Claim flags will have a chest aswell that will slowly fill up with gold/resources based on what was dropped in that parcel (Say roughly 10% of what dropped in that parcel) these chest are not lootable however when enough items fill these chests they will spawn a pack animal which will caravan these good back to the capital parcel (Scout skill will reveal them on the map if close enough) if killed they will drop half the items on them, if they make it back to the guild capital parcel they will deposit all items in the chestbank this will act as a reason to defend ur territory aswell as farming within it.
- Parcels outside the capital can only have wooden walls howmany is based on the level of the parcel

- Guild may declare war on other guild (Gold cost)
- for non capital parcel you may place a small bane tree on territory owned by a guild your at war with these will initiate a siege timer for the next day so a 24 hour warning.
- For capital parcel you require a large bane tree (Basicly more expensive, could come with minor defences around it too) same rules apply as above
- Seiges last one hour or till once side looses there bane tree (Draws result in a time out)
- Each guild can only drop a bane tree once per day one guild can be dropped multiply times for different guilds however (reason for this is to allow to counter large guild with big territory making smaller guild possibly to take a piece of the pie by piggy backing off eachother seige drops so there force to split there numbers aswell as preventing large guild from bully someone taking multiple territory from them)

Think this sums up a basic outline and i hope it understandable :D

Edited by veeshan

Veeshan Midst of UXA

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Thought of this a little later.

Capital parcels should have a bane tree in that is claimable in a location (This allows for devs to make more interesting parcel designs like putting this bane tree in a cavern in a mountain and so on, This allows devs to make different types of city parcels for more varied city sieges. This occured to me from my Darkfall Experienced where there were a few unique city layout like being located ontop of a  huge pillar only accessable by a central lift, deep below the earth in a cavern connected by tunnels.

Veeshan Midst of UXA

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