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Login Status Not Shared Between Site & Forums On Ie11

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The following was sent to support@crowfall.com.  Given the support staffing issues, thought I'd post here as well.


This appears to be an IE issue as I'm able to post to the forums using Chrome.


*** ***** ***


I have an account on the main site (TrevorTQH) and am able to log in and view content.  However, when I click on Community and view the forums, I am a) not shown as logged in; and B) not able to post/reply.  The forums page displays the “please login to post a topic” message.
When I click on “Sign In” on the forums page:
  1. I am redirected to the main site.
  2. My status is shown as logged out (the “Log In” header is displayed).
  3. The page quickly refreshes on its own.
  4. My status is then updated to logged in (the “Account(TrevorTQH)” is displayed).
  5. Returning to Community, I am still shown as logged out - rinse and repeat
  6. Logging out and back in does not resolve the issue.
This behavior happens when running IE 11.0.16 (latest version) - Chrome seems to work fine (just installed and checked).  That being said, IE is my (vastly) preferred browser.  Any suggestions?
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I myself am having the same issue since a very frustrating desktop factory reset :P I had no problems what so ever before the reset and have tried to install the basic Adobe, Java etc. hoping this would resolve the issue with no luck. I Run IE 11 and it will not keep me signed on for forums. I am not a Chrome fan either. This is very frustrating that my laptop is not having any problems and my desktop now is.

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I am now having the exact reverse problem.


I can log in through IE11, but on Chrome, the forums do not recognize that I am logged in.

The Shipwrecked Pirates


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I can not log out of the forums with chrome. Main page shows me as logged of but when I go on the forums i am logged in.

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