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EU-Trial of Kronos Tuesday siege.

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It is the fifth day as the battle is raging on the fields of Kronos,Chaos is nowhere to be found,Order is struggling against experienced forces of balance,and finally the day came.Our mighty leader Prom ordered for archer division to storm the battlefield,shields were breaking,swords were screaming and then we came,order was given take the left flank and kill the squishys,with 3 arrows sniped first target was dropped.Panic ensued in the ranks of Balance forces,where is the damage coming from?Next target was selected,Yumx mighty leader of balance forces,we take him down others will follow,you could hear the screams followed Halp me,Halp me!!!! No help came,Yumx was dead and soon his fellows followed,Hither survived the longest but with his death mighty Balance force was broken,and our path to their keep was open,they laid their arms and surrendered their keep.Alas Order is victorious once more.

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