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It's A Dangerous Business, Stepping Out Your Door


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The most significant thing I could tell you about myself, within the context of this community, is how incredibly unlikely it is that I find myself posting an introduction here.  Not because of the game, genre, or proposed mechanics (all of which have me positively excited), but because I have lurked quietly in every bulletin board, forum, comment thread or social network I've ever connected to since getting online.  You could count the number of posts I've made on the internet on one hand, yet here I am.


I'm not a quiet person.  Far from it, I'm often loud, long-winded and obnoxious.  But like the Halfling Rogue that started my role playing, dungeon crawling and dragon slaying, I've always preferred to hide in the wings.  Using the shadows as a defense between me and a strong commitment one way or the other.  Letting a situation develop, free from my influence, until I can fully grasp it's intricacies.  I guess I prefer to wait for all the information before I choose to dive into the fray, or skulk off in pursuit of more easily attained entertainment.


Like the rogue, I've been fortunate to enjoy the fruit of others' hard labor over the years.  Pen and paper role playing games, trading card games, board games, text-based MUDs, and finally more MMOs than I could reasonably play have all found their way into my collection.  I don't discriminate between mediums, genres or themes, I consume whatever suits my fancy.  My gaming appetite knows no bounds.


Lately however, we've fallen into rather dark times around here.  Picking my way through feature list after feature list and coming up with nothing but pocket lint.  Following leads that never develop and getting involved in games that never pan out quite the way they were supposed to.  I find my crew trying to go back and relive the glory days, when MMOs were good and entertainment came easy. There aren't any true gems in this genre anymore, so they settle for emulators and try and pawn them off as the real deal, but they lack the same luster.  They don't sparkle.  They go dull.


Then I catch a glimpse of Crowfall.  This one gets my attention, it pulls me towards it in a way I barely remember.  I lose track of where I am and what I'm doing.  I watch it intently, not wanting to let it out of my sight.  It beckons me closer.  It's... precious.

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