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EU-Trial of Kronos Thursday siege.

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Another day of waiting,minutes going by,our forces scattered,only 10 of us guarding the keep,boring guard duty for KDS goes through my mind. Not expecting any enemy we were playing cards and drinking ale.Then 3 members of Caldera come with news,big Balance force is coming our way.Order was given: Mount the wall,mount ballistas.We are all hardened warriors,we know what lies in front of us,epic battle where we must come out victorious. By the time we reached the walls 4 catapults were already shooting.We took 2 catapults down,but they placed 2 more,ballistas were going down faster then we could mount them.

We got called out: All behind the keep and let them push in,we will hit them with ballistas in the back.

Finally they breached the outer walls and pushed to the bottom keep room,then we cornered them inside and started pouring fire to the room.Panic,screams,I even felt sorry for them but they are enemy,they do this to us every time we attack them,so I quickly recovered and started shooting.Fight was going back and forth until we finally pushed them out of the keep.Go for the trees order was given.

We managed to take down 2 bastions before they returned,we retreated and flanked them,breaking them on the open field once more.Mighty 13 warriors prevailed and defended the keep in echo. 26 balance warriors tried and failed,there was no help in their cries for help,Vanguard showed up to late.

Now back to drinking ale and repairing gear.Until next time.

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