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[HOC] House of Crow [NA][CHAOS][CLOSED]

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Hello, I am Malekai the Guild Leader & Webmaster of the House of Crow. I am 23 years old and I would like to break down the narrative of our guild. Please know this is obviously not everything and it may be added to in the future as House of Crow and the game progresses. We are currently recruiting!

Guild Stance

  • We are an ENGLISH speaking NA guild. (English does not need to be your primary language but you must be able to speak English as well. NA does have to be your server though.)
  • Faction is CHAOS right now. (If you are new you should understand that you can pick a different faction for God's Reach and for Campaign. Its more important for us to have you be Chaos in Campaign.)
  • We do PVP. (Right now the beginning members of House of Crow are working on leveling to 30 before we begin battling others. But after that we will storm!)
  • We have the GATHERER tag. (As stated below this we will start doing special leveling help for new members and we also farm for mats - materials.)
  • We have the CRAFTING tag. (We will be looking for players willing to craft to help produce armor, weapons, alchemy items, etc.)


The Crowfall guild House of Crow was established in the summer of June 2019. It was founded by the Council of Black Feathers whose members consist of Malekai, NinjaKane85, & YourRivalRed. Since the beginning we have stood for equality among members and while casting away no one we welcome everyone. This should go without saying but we are and always have been an organized guild who follows a set of rules and regulations while gaming and having fun. As a side note, when we created the guild we bought the Company Garrison deed from the premium bundle.

Guild Code

Together with our house we lay waste to the mounds, set fire to the towns, and cast away those who would get us down. As crows we fly, as death radiates the skies, we shall not die, and only with each other we build ties. When one is lost we give them a place to belong, destruction our way and caw goes our song. So when the tide turns just know we are the House of Crow and we will stand tall and perform a most excellent show.

Guild Values & Views

Obviously everyone has their own ambitions in-game, values, and views etc. However, together we have some key values and views that we try to follow.

  • Always willing to help each other out and not just each other but other non-guild members too. Of course guild members get priority on our time though.
  • Always ready to help newer players level. The real game begins at level 30 and the PVP and we recommend newer players to level to 16 in God's Reach first before going into the Campaign.
  • Every House of Crow member should strive to be the strongest they can be in-game. While being the strongest they can be in-game they need to have a drive to help others.
  • Most importantly they should be active in-game and in our discord. We are not enforcing kicks for activity until Crowfall is in the very late stages of Beta. (Prepping for release)
  • Contributing resources to help out fellow guild members is not required but is highly recommended and shows good initiative.

Steps to Join

  • You must apply to our guild on the forum or in-game (when possible) if you are interested in joining us.
  • You must join our Discord, Read the Rules, & get Verified (which is just a text channel mention process) to gain entry and maintain your guild membership.
  • You need a working microphone or at least feel comfortable listening in the voice channel in order to gain membership to HOC.
  • You must also be at least level 3 (while the cap is level 30) to be accepted.
  • If you don't have, are not, or have not done the above bullet points then you will not get accepted into the guild.

Important Links

Currently, we do not have social media or content creation channels (we might eventually have this). We definitely welcome all streamers and content creators. Perhaps in the future we will have an introduction video to the guild. As of now we are more focused on leveling and enjoying the PVE and PVP of Crowfall.

Contact Us

For any issues or questions you have you can join the discord to get the guest member role or you can message us on the forum via the Council of Black Feathers' and Lords of the Feather profiles listed below.

Council of Black Feathers (Leader & Officers):

Malekai - Guild Leader & Member of the Council of Black Feathers

NinjaKaNe85 - Officer & Member of the Council of Black Feathers (Interested in Crafting? Make sure to contact NinjaKaNe85)

YourRivalRed - Officer & Member of the Council of Black Feathers (Currently, on leave)

Final Remarks

We reserve the right to at any time change our requirements with or without notice by means of discord, our website, this forum, and any current and future House of Crow affiliated content or platforms.

Finally, we welcome any current and future allies and members to the House of Crow! Enjoy and Caw on!

Edited by Malekai
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Membership Update:

@kattarraa has joined the House of Crow! We are very happy to have them and wish them the best on the their journey.


As stated on our website in order to join House of Crow you have to be willing to join the discord and at least for sieges or possible guild battles (in the future [crosses heart, hopefully]) you need a working microphone or at least feel comfortable listening in order to gain membership to our guild.

Edited by Malekai
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  • 2 weeks later...

As we prepare to set fire to the towns with a dedicated core of players underway. We are a Chaos faction.

You can hang with us in our discord: CLICK HERE

We hope to see new some new friends soon!

Edited by Malekai
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House of Crow is currently not accepting admissions for recruitment. We are working on building up our knowledge and core group of crafters and gatherers. Once we do that we will open our doors once more. This was a decision made by the higher levels of management in HOC. As such i have edited the title of this thread to say [Closed].

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