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The Siege of the Trial of Kronos

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The fog is thick and KDS is  moving to defend our keep together with a few Cal. The rest of Cal and N are already defending. We knew that the enemy would bringing -W- and HoA as reinforcements because the stars align every 6th and 7th day and the portal can be used. 
As we are getting closer I'm breaking the comms: If they've gathered up they will be here at this last portal waiting for us.
As we get on that portal we find them there as predicted. The fight was short and we got crushed by almost 3 times our numbers. The sun is not shining in our courtyard tonight - I remember that thought crossing my mind.
Get up, pick up the swords and let's go to the keep. - the commanding voice took over and the troupes followed.
We get to the keep and once the siege begins we get the game faces on - we will face some of the best enemies this dying worlds can throw at us V, -W- and HoA and few of the smaller guilds they are allied with.
First push inside, V is the spear head pushing on the walls, the ballista wars is raging. The push ends quite fast with every enemy jumping out in an attempt to survive. We don't loose the momentum and we follow after them scoring a few more kills.
We decide to move the fight outside as the enemy is gathering around the Banewood Tree. They continue to gather up and lick their wounds, all 30+ of them.
As we trade siege engine shots across the planes Soulreaver from Cal is hitting on that Banewood Tree making the enemy nervous and preventing them to leave the tree unguarded.
We charge them! They retreat all the way to the tree and the situation turns in their favor.
Retreat to the Motherlode behind us! - like disciplined soldiers we do exactly that. The threat is the gravest that can be so mistakes cannot be made.
On that retreat the enemy feels the momentum and charges down the hill to crush us.
Flip the front in 3,2,1, NOW - FLIP THE FRONT and take that hill! the commanding shrill voice breaks the comms like a hammer. Like many times before we know that this is the moment and everyone ignores all enemies to take the Banewood Tree hill behind them.
I get on top of the hill and I look back to check any needs for Rescue because I know how costly that maneuver can be. I throw my heals and do my rotations while watching the startled enemies looking up at the hill and not really understanding what the hell just happened.
From there on the fight was over - the mighty Balance forces crumbled to our feet.
A yell of victory takes over comms and everyone is still working to grasp the situation - all 24 of us.
We won tonight one of the biggest against the odds victory and it was not with the help of the guards.
We will get those beers and tell the story over the campfire for the night.
Tomorrow is another day and portals are still open so the extra troupes for the enemy will most likely be there again.
We will bleed again knowing for a fact that we have what it takes to crush anyone.

Until the next good one!


Edited by KDSProm

Gen. Prom
Guild Leader of KDS
Recruitment Post - Guild Recruiting and Management - #warstory
Visit us at www.kdsguild.org


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