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After a day spent in the infirmary,had to miss the battle yesterday, assassin stabbed me in the back. Couldn't let my brothers go in the battle without me. While riding my steed to our meeting place I felt like my armor is gonna fall of, that is the price of not maintaining my armor after battle. Even though I know I wasn't even close to my full strength,I knew that even 1 well placed arrow can turn the tide of battle.That redhaired nurse did a fine job patching me up, but her her smile and view of her behind brought me to life. I knew that if balance wins today she wouldn't be safe, balance soldiers have no honor, they wouldn't stop at nothing. I have to go to battle for her and my brothers in arms. My heart was racing, adrenalin was pumping in my head like war drumms. When I reached the battlefield I was already battlefrenzy. But the fight was moved. We were on offensive actually, time to mount my steed again and ride to Pleonast. By the time KDS got there Caldera already took Echo keep and getting ready to attack Merliscire keep. Wall was breached in matter of minutes. And we fell in to a trap,reaching the trone room we all died,balistafall all over again,its like balance doesnt know how to fight without using balistas. Quickly we reorganized at Dondod's fort and faced balance in the open field and we prevailed,without balistas, with honor,kill or be killed.And we did kill, they were running all over the field like headless chickens with arrows up their a.. (behind). Time to go back to my lovely redhead nurse so she can patch me up again. I want to be ready for tomorrow. For another fight,another push,that is the life of a soldier. GF

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