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Parcel - Token & Resource Cost Overview (PA 5.9)


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Since several people asked lately, here's the updated overview:


SH: The Stronghold associated with this parcel.
Cells: The number of 128x128m cells, the parcel is made of.
SN: Support Number. The orginally expected number of players such a parcel should support (which could mean citizens or people needed to build or maintain such a parcel and/or it's buildings). The term is old and disputed. The numbers are very old. So they may mean nothing at all. But here they are, just for information.
USHT: Unskilled Spring Harvest Time in hours. In 5.9 approximately this time may be needed by an unskilled player, havesting with basic tools in a low level spring environment - based on an expected average of 480 non-basic resources per hour. 

Resource costs refer to the full cost, including the cost of all ingredients (like other parcels).

If you find any errors, please fill out form 537.b1 §1-348 and pass it over in triplicate to our Customer Defence Agency, Wannabestreet 142, Cities of Ravenheart. Thank you.

Have fun, good luck

Edited by Kraahk
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