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What melee classes would you suggest?

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Hello all,

Which melee class(es) would you suggest for group play?

I recently started playing Crowfall and am somewhat confused on which melee class(es) to play in a group setting. I understand certain classes have different play styles an excel in different settings.

Thank you for any suggestions you have!!!

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Knight has always been a solid pick for group fights. They're durable enough to survive being in the front line and can turtle up if focused by a bunch of people. They've got AoE CC and chain pull is one of the most lethal skills in the game in big fights.

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16 hours ago, Pann said:

Templar is also popular since it also has some healing abilities that are handy when you're out and about without a cleric. 

actually only the paladin is a real healmonster, druid and cleric are more offhealers compared to paladin - IF he has targets to fight that are not moving out of his circles.

so paladin is a good choice, welcome in every group and also solo in most situations well prepared

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Paladins are only any good in PvE, templars are trash in PvP right now, their healing isn’t strong enough and their mobility is awful. But if you really wanna play a Templar Paladin is the best option.

If you want to focus PvP the Champions or Myrmidons are currently strong melee choices. Knights are great utility/supports for group fights (chain and dodge pip removal is awesome) but their damage is lower than their other melee counterparts and they tend to not do well solo as they have little sustain and damage compared to many other classes out there.

Assassins and Duelists have a place but it’s more difficult to play them in big group fights, they tend to be scouts and harassers. They can have a rough time in the big scrum if they’re not careful.


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