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[GERMAN] -NM- Nordic Marauders

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Nordic Marauders

Founded by former members of Northlanders to create a competitiv PvP and crafting guild of german-speaking players.


We are looking for activ PvP players and crafters who play on a regular basis.


We strive to craft the best gear ingame and bring a strong force to the battlefield.

We rely on class instead of mass with well attuned players.


Join a group of experienced veterans,

Join Nordic Marauders!


We are currently looking for:

1 Healer

2 Flexible Spots



To apply visit us in our discord.



Leader: Mogres

Guild Discord: https://discord.gg/R9D5q7n

Language: German







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Nordic Marauders still searching for more german speaking crowfall players. Newcomer and veterans both are welcome in our ranks. We have maxed out crafters in every profession, do pvp trainings and have strong thoerycrafters if you need some advice for crafting or pvp. 

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English in the english Forum part and german in the german one. Its not only for recruiting, it is also for guild presentation and to find allys if the time calls for it. 

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Dregs will arrive in foreeable future with a full wipe. Now is the time to join the Nordic Marauders if you are new to crowfall or want to change the guild. We are a group of very active Players playing togehter almost every night. We are highly organized, helping one another achieve their goals and act as a community. If you think you fit into this guild contact us on our discord.

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