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[GERMAN] -NM- Nordic Marauders

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After the balance faction lead by the Nordic Marauders won the Jolmander Campaign, we wrote together a short review:

Jolmander-Campaign - Review

We would also like to welcome our new recruits @Snibril, @CoicA and @FearMe.


We are still looking for active, german-speaking player, who want to join us in preparation for the upcoming update (guilds-vs-guilds).


Recruiting: German | English | Discord


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The chaos forces came back out to take vengeance for the previous defeat. Surrender was not an option. Bravely they attacked to break the siege of the two enemy factions and were able to come out victoriously. But not without paying a huge toll of blood. It was a hard fought battle, to secure the keep once more.

This is meant to be a tribute to our russian friends, who won this campaign very well deserved! We had lots of fun playing against you guys. It was a good challenge. Let´s have an even better campaign coming up!



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We may have lost this campaign, but for me it was by far one of the best campaigns, because we really made a lot of progress in this campaign.

Many thanks to our Russian friends, Vanguard and of course to our NM!

I hope we will see other groups and guilds worth mentioning soon.

[-NM-] Nordic Marauders

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Nordic Marauders still looking for motivated PvP players. 

We are a group of players playing crowfall together since the very first campaign in alpha and never did a break like every other EU guild during the development of crowfall. 

If you are looking for a competetiv german speaking guild and play on a regular basis at primetime visit us in our Discord. 

We are not a good home for casual players. If you are a casual player join the Northlanders, a very good german casual guild with good Leadership.

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