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5.100 Snap Test Patch Notes for 7/3/19

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7/3/19 TEST
Crowfall Pre-Alpha Build 5.100.0

To report any issues or bugs, please go here: 5.100 Snap Test Bug Reports for 7/3/19

To report feedback, please go here: 5.100 Snap Test Feedback Reports for 7/3/19

For an up-to-date list of known issues please go here: 5.100 Known Issues

New Items for 5.100.00

  • Randomized equipment and gear have been added to war tribe loot tables.
  • Players can now sell items to vendors.
  • More props and flow adjustments have been added to the temples.

God’s Reach:

  • A new God’s Reach campaign map has been added with the following new items:
  • This campaign no longer requires faction selection prior to entering.
  • Specific areas now have mobs of specific ranks.
  • Players no longer drop inventory items on death.
  • Added more spiders to the starting area of God’s Reach.

NPCs and Vendors:

  • Boss mobs should no longer spawn in monster areas lower than rank 5.
  • Updated Embarri to use military camps, instead of just roads.
  • Updated system vendor shop names in the temple, and added in new vendors for novice weapons and mounts.

Sound and Visual FX:

  • New versions of outpost announcement messages.
  • New sound for death announcement message.
  • Enbarri power sounds clean up.
  • Reimplementing sound for Half Giant Blood of the Giant.
  • New combat music tracks added.
  • Sound pass on powers of Knife Grinder discipline.
  • Sound pass on powers of Poisoner discipline.


  • Swapped Energetic Harvests 3rd and 5th Pip powers.
  • Added comments on Reaping and Breaking harvesting powers being added to Pip 1 power.


  • Mushrooms can now be used as “seasoning”.
  • Combining discipline recipes now have their own menu and can be accessed through the personal crafting menu (J).
  • Updating recipes for war tribe combines to now require 3 instead of 10 with an additional 3 optional slots.
  • Crafting panel should no longer resize the reagent icons, so they'll all fit into the 1x1 slots properly. 
  • Common and up quality experimentations all now have 10 Pips as the maximum amount of PiPs allowed per experimentation line.

General Powers:

  • Fixed a data issue with the bandage 3 and 4 powers.  Monkey rolls and other interrupts will now correctly apply the Recently Bandaged debuff.

Class Powers


  • Meteor Purge's blackmantle effect  should no longer fail to apply when used over 6m away from target.


  • Fixed druid healing orb reticle.
  • Kinetic Boost now effects Power Efficiency by 20%.

Race Powers:

  • Headbutt shouldn't throw those who are blocking into the air anymore.

Disciplines and Discipline Powers:

  • White quality disciplines can now be combined into higher quality disciplines.
  • All Major Disciplines are available from the Vendor.
  • All Minor Disciplines are available from the Vendor.
  • Some Exploration Disciplines are available from the Vendor.
  • Combine Discipline recipe now requires 5 of a kind for upgrading discipline qualities.
  • Adjusted price of Disciplines.
  • Deprecated the following Minor Disciplines - Expansive Mind, Demon's Pact, Fashion Statement, Hand of Glory. (These disciplines were granting unique race relating benefits that not only watered down race diversity, but also felt extraordinarily powerful for a minor discipline).
  • Long Live the Fighter can no longer be loaded out into the survival tray.

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