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New player: thoughts and opinions.

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Hey everyone, 


New to Crowfall, tried it in patch 5.5, 5.6 and logged briefly in patch 5.7. However despite that I still consider my self very new to this project, hence the title. It is with patch 5.9 that I've selected to truly throw my self into Crowfall and after having played a week I'm confident enough to say that I will be playing this for the forseeable future.

The main reason I've returned was due to the decision to stream this game. This isn't some shameless plug thread, my username isn't my twitch account etc, hence why I'm not linking anything. But that was the "why" I chose to try it again.

The main differences I've seen from the sparse collection of hours I've played is:

- Greater balance in classes.

- NPC monsters that genuinely work now.

- greater synergy between players in terms of crafting.

Things that I've genuinely enjoyed and appreciated include -

- fantastic community.

- brilliant items.

- animations I consider on par with any triple A mmo. (Centaur I'm looking at you!)

- A hardcore sandbox rule set.

Now I know that the alpha has its issues but that's the journey a game goes through during development. What I see though is that the pieces are there, they're coming together and once the issues are ironed out, tightened up and implemented, I've little doubt that this will be a game full of incredible stories. Stories are the reason I play MMOs, they're what i remember and, unfortunately that's a commodity in short supply in today's current mmo market, so I'm sticking around, I will continue to learn, investigate, meet new people, test and involve my self - because, putting aside some of the issues this test product has, I still believe that Crowfall has a real genuine shot at being a long term MMO  that I, my stream partner (duo stream) and my friends will enjoy.

To the guild I've joined thank you for making this an easy process, and to the people I've met so far, death to all balance!


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As per my experience, I have been playing Crowfall since the grey box combat Alpha. On and off obviously. I dabbled when persistence came up, dabbled in a few other major patches. 5.9 has been loads of fun. I even got to siege last night which has been my first large scale PvP since I stopped shot calling in TERA's Civil Unrest about a year ago. I can definitely see Crowfall being a long term game. 

My biggest issues with the game back in previous patches were some of the class balance issues (rangers smashing you from draw distance for example). Combat felt floaty - only way I can really put it. Mobs just didn't work, I still feel they could use a lot of work, but they are much better than the last patches I played. The skill tree system on each class I feel is a much better system than the passive tree they were using. 

Issues I still have. The UI... it is god awful. It feels like a UI built for consoles rather than PCs. The mobs could use more work as I said before.  Frostweaver not being in, been waiting for this class since the combat alpha. Still doesn't feel like there is a real economy created yet. It makes more sense for guilds and players to hoard their stuff than to share it with others. 

Things I am looking forward to. Guild Systems has got to be at the top of the list. The GvG ruleset. Players being able to build up their own forts/keeps. Resource nodes and caravans. Not sure if this is still in the works, but I remember them teasing the war map and having to have scouts actually map out areas. Frostweaver. More weapons and disciplines for build variety. I know this isn't on the list of features they plan to have any time soon, but I do remember ArtCraft saying it is something they eventually want to explore after official release - Ocean Content and Ships. 

I wasn't sure after the last few patches I played that the game was moving in the right directions. Now after having played 5.9 and tested 5.100 I can say I am happy with the games progress and prospects ahead. I may be a white vessel noob now. But its only a matter of time before I have Balance kneeling at my feet begging for mercy.  See you all in Crowfall

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