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5.100 Snap TEST Patch Notes for 7/15/19 and 7/16/19

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Crowfall Pre-Alpha Build 5.100.0

To report any issues or bugs, please go here: 5.100 Bug Reports

To report feedback, please go here: 5.100 Feedback

For an up-to-date list of known issues please go here: Known Issues

New Items:

  • New interact functionality has been added to teleporters such as Runegates, fort and keep gates, ladders, banks, chests, sacrifice pits, and plant harvestables.
  • A new Embargo system has been introduced. Please see below for more information.
  • New Respawn Outposts have been added to campaign worlds allowing for more respawning options during siege and campaign play.

Embargo System:

  • Embargo system to allow players to move items in and out of the Campaign Worlds more easily from the Temple areas and to allow for improved Bank Storage in each world.
  • New banking system categories: Banks and Vaults. Both bank styles will have import/export tokens.
  • Pressing “B” no longer accesses the Spirit Bank and the bank type accessed depends on the type of world the player is in
  • In Campaign Worlds “B” accesses a global bank.
  • In God’s Reach “B” will access your vault. 
  • Banks and Vaults now appear as a “List” view in the UI, previously it was a grid. 
  • Local banks have been deprecated.


  • Experiment Quality Difficulty Adder has been altered such that experimentation now decreases as higher quality resources are used in crafting.
  • Additional Risk Difficulty values have been increased (These changes should make it such that you are more likely to have better experimentation rolls on higher quality resources, and less likely to use additional risk on lower quality resources).

Mobs and AI:

  • Spiders should no longer slide when during their attack animation.
  • War Tribe Loot Table Pass
    • Grouped and redistributed Minor Disciplines among particular Race-Class combinations.
    • Vessel additives now only available at Rank 7+.
    • Reduced resource drop rate.
    • Bandages drop at lower ranks, Cloth drops at higher ranks.
    • Increased food drop rates.
  • Fix Aracoix Assassin not doing stealth.

Talent Trees:

  • The final capstone passive powers in the talent trees are now automatically and permanently applied to your character when you purchase them and no longer require a passive slot to be loaded out.
  • Changed the buff name on Treant Wood Stake from "Armored Archer's Stake" to "Treant Wood Stake."

Racial Powers:

  • Added verbage to Attributes details to indicate they can never exceed 350.
  • Added verbage to racial passives to indicate what Attribute Caps they were modifying.

Discipline Powers:

  • Fixed Agent Provocateur's Stink Bomb not playing field fx.
  • Added duration of poison onto the tooltip for Poisoned Blade on the Poisoner Discipline.
  • Added the Bleed effect on the Long Live the Fighter passive could be stacked three times onto the tooltip.

General Bug Fixes:

  • Changed the sacrifice and monetary values of yeast, auroch milk, black pepper, and cocoa beans to 5 xp and 2 gold each.
  • Small change to quality settings, to give more breathing room to async texture streaming upload system.  Added vsync by default, to try to deal with hot GPU at the lobby.
  • Adding test vendors to crafting area in temple.
  • Interacting with a sacrifice brazier is now an instant action rather than a hold interaction.

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7/16/18 Patch Notes


  • Add monster camps to the map, with a pop-up that gives basic "consider" information.

Eternal Kingdoms:

  • Adjusted building placement to use screen axis.

Class Powers:

  • Adjusted duelist basic attacks to fix some hitching issues. 


  • Fixes for Ranger trap spawning underground and applying damage multiple times.

Racial Powers:

  • Updated description to Bull Rush to indicate it no longer drags targets.
  • Updated bull rush icon, removing yellow border.

Discipline Powers:

  • Fixed bard song of speed to not create feet fx indefinitely.

General Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the campaign restrictions on the world info panel.
  • Fixed issue with hair color mask for female Half Elf hairstyle #4 (#3 in the avatar).
  • Now the player should get a prompt telling them to open their talent tree when they have too many talent points, know to put their stuff in a spirit bank when a campaign is ending, and know to choose another skill tree when they've maxed out one.
  • Vendor interactions are now an instant interact instead of a hold.
  • Fix missing hellcat acid spit projectile.
  • Updated gatehouse to fix flickering issue.
  • Fixed the right-click to transfer items into the sacrifice window.  Should feel more responsive.
  • Reduced the interaction radius/distance for plants so it feels a little tighter than it does right now.

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