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Crowfall Chronicles - Nest Map


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I've gotten a few questions from folks wondering how I'm keeping all this straight, especially the locations in the Nest.  Here's the scrawled map of the Nest that I'm using.  I'm hoping that as things get complicated in the enddays of the story (and yes- there actually is an end) this may help.  If this map shows that I've written something in contradiction to something else please let me know.   If anyone wants to draw a real map of the Nest feel free.


For those that want the Nest to be bigger, keep in mind that this is just the main floor.  There are at least 4 other floors going up in most areas and a few sections that go down a few floors.  We haven't even gotten to the dungeon in the story.


Stop judging my handwriting.  And drawing skills.  And spelling.  OK, yeah,  so I cut off the top of the map in the scanner - that bit says Not to Scale.





The Chronicles of Crowfall           The Free Lands of Azure            RIP Doc Gonzo.

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