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Is this worth buying?

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I’ve non stopped watched videos my twitch community has talked about this game to me nonstop but I’m unsure what player count is are people playing this? I’ve noticed nobody streaming it ever. 50 bucks is a big what if for not knowing if it’s active since it’s a player driven game,

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Small community but relatively active. Population will ebb and flow depending on the current state of the game. Nows actually a good time to hop in because theres an update that should be finalized soon thats bringing a good chunk of players back.

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It's a small community of dedicated players with a lot of players waiting in the wings for the game to reach a more complete state.

If you're able to play a pre-alpha game that's still in development & evolving and overlook the unfinished parts and construction dust, this is not a bad time to get in. Devs are expected to release the next major update to the live server with a full item wipe very soon; we're expecting it this week. Between the reset of the field and the new features, we should be seeing a lot of the inactive players check in to kick the tires.

If you're expecting a complete and polished game for your money (a reasonable expectation), I'd keep Crowfall on the watch list but would not recommend it for you yet.

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It's not a game yet, it's a pre-alpha test. It'll be even more rough and unfinished than many 'early access' games you find out there. It's also not exactly a good game to stream on twitch either IMO. If you just want to check it out, support the devs and the concept of the game, then yea sure. But don't buy it expecting a finished game. 



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It is a game get going and join a guild right away and start learning get better then fight harder. If you start of Chaos go to www.crowfall.com/guild and apply to HAX. we are fighting the massive powerhouse known as the BALANCE. we will help you learn, teach you to farm and help you grow. If you do join the game please visit 

 and post a like to this suggestion. I think all players should have the max combat training to really know who is worth a crap :) most of the tenure players say "it is no big deal". they are not speaking truth. join us lets fights the power!!! Join us an let crowfall know why they should bring new players up to MAX Passivecombatskills #Voiceyouropinion as new customer. To often the 10 original investors matter more than the actual players that will grow this game! Let the leaders know why new investors matter!!!!!! 


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Most of the content is player driven at the moment. I have been playing for almost 5 months and I have to keep reminding myself that this is a Pre-Alpha.  If you like a sandbox and can make your own content, if you enjoy finding resources and farming for materials, if you like a vocal community, and if you are patient enough to see what is coming down the pike as to the direction we are headed...........then yes, this game is worth it! If applying to a guild in the  Chaos faction  - go to www.fistoftheempire.com to apply.

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16 hours ago, Agentboomy said:

I’ve noticed nobody streaming it ever. 

There are lots of streamers in the "Crow Circle", including


(Apologies to the streamers I didn't mention. Feel free to add your link to this thread.)

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As others have already stated, right now its a smaller community of dedicated players with other gamers biding their time until the time comes where the game is in a more polished format.

More to the question.

Is this game worth buying? To me it is most definitely worth buying. I love the PvP and some of the PvE. But, whether you should give the okay sign or not I would say it that depends on the mindset of the gamer. So I'd say there are 3 types of gamer mindsets when looking or weighting the purchase of a game. (Of course this is my opinion.) Gamer A might say I prefer a more polished game and so they don't get it. Gamer B might prefer a polished game but in order to reap benefits might go ahead and get the game ahead of time, follow posts on the forum, social media, and/or other outlets. Gamer C Might say hey I'm okay with buying a game still in development and then they buy it to at least try it out and see what they think and then possibly stay with it and become an active entity in the start-up of the community base and an advocate for the game.

Side notes.

Steps: So, I would suggest doing as much research as you can and visiting streams and/or other uploaded content in tandem. (Personally: Using the the 3 classifications of gamer mindsets I stated above use the knowledge you've gathered.) Now, from there you can to determine whether or not to request a "tap" from the dealer. (blackjack term)

In addition to the streamers @Pann listed above, feel free to drop by my stream as well here.

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1 hour ago, IGetLitty661 said:

im on the fence

Some good questions to ask before buying that only you can answer:

- Do you enjoy testing and giving feedback on in development games?

- Do you like learning about a game before launch, and getting involved with the community?

- Do bugs and performance issues potentially make you ragequit?


It's fun if you go in with the right expectation that this is early testing, and knowing that the game is not complete and not yet in a launch-ready state.




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