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While we're rebalancing races can we make centaurs 15-20% faster than base.

Double the Sprint run speed for Minos, at double the stam cost maybe.

Reduce Sprint Stam cost by 50% for elken.

Make leadership passive auto apply like cap stones for human and high elf.

Toss a few extra train/ability points at human/half elf

Make con base 25 per, up from 8. Give some classes a bonus to that like dwarf or centaur or mino or hg

Take AP off of main stat, move an extra 150-200 AP to the base trees for all classes.

Increase fdm and fhm gains from str/int for dwarves by 50-100% ? Do something for these poor bastards.

See posts above for half elves

Make hg immune to root and knock down and pull

If a race gets one or more racial ability, give them one more bar slot, that can only have a racial ability slotted.



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Posted (edited)
16 hours ago, VaMei said:

This would be a great place to start and would give them a unique roll in the game. Throw in some movement CC reduction or a long cooldown triggered immunity & let them be that one race you can't kite.

You could ditch the stealth speed buff and make them straight up immune to slows (but not roots or hard CC) to further naildown on mobility, but I liked the idea of brigands having an option for slightly faster stealth and a more "close range dance" race for warden. Half elf just seems like the logical "default" melee ranger race (in the same way as nethari is to confessor, Mino to myrmidon, wood elf to druid, or elken to archer) so it made sense to me to think about synergies that would be specifically appealing to both melee ranger templates.

This also makes a good middleground option for assassins that feels worth giving up glideand the crit bonus. HELF assassin with this setup would be less good at infiltrating, but better at skirmishing, seems like an attractive tradeoff.

This suite of bonuses alongside HELF's more DPS friendly stat array also makes an attractive platform for DPS druids, giving you some nice close range skirmish power so you can have a bit of kite without teleporting out of the fight.

I really think some kinda super-retaliate is the way to go for them and then work everything else around that though. Straight up ground speed is kind of a thing a lot of races have, and while increased combat speed is unique it has the same problem as stat caps if its by itself in that it just doesn't "pop" like the high impact abilities afforded to other races. The uber-retaliate (preferably with a unique and faster animation) would have that cool factor and be something wholly unique with great synergy for ranger, druid, and assassin builds.

Other random race balance/appearance notes:

Stoneborne are cool but their racial ability needs a buff. Maybe remove the healing limiter, increasing the CD if that is too OP.

Centaur chants could use a range buff.

Where are the nethari tattoos? Weren't the magical glowing tattoos supposed to be the most striking visual difference between them and humans? Shouldn't that be what the accent color is for?

Humans don't have a use for the accent color. I suggest giving them cosmetic piratey jewelry options (noserings, hair beads, racks of earring, etc.) to further differentiate them from the missing nethari tattoos. This would help showcase the diversity/ubiquity of man, having the more standard "noble" looks alongside the more "roguish" looks on the same race for very little art budget.

Half Giant's making me mad passive should have its low damage requirement removed and be rebalanced around simply taking attacks. It is the only racial ability that is literally nonfunctional when fighting a more dangerous opponent.

Where are the sun elf variants for high elf? I want my red elves!

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