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5.100 LIVE Release Patch Notes for 7/23/19

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Crowfall Pre-Alpha Build 5.100.0
The Fortunes of War

To report any issues or bugs, please go here: 5.100 LIVE Bug Reports

To report feedback, please go here: 5.100 Live Feedback Reports

For an up-to-date list of known issues please go here: 5.100 Known Issues

Please Note: There is a known issue with the ability to equip two of the same major disciplines. A fix is in progress and will invalidate any duplicate disciplines equipped and could potentially cause lost data. 

New Items for 5.100.00

  • Randomized equipment and gear have been added to war tribe loot tables.
  • Players can now sell items to vendors.
  • More props and flow adjustments have been added to the temples. 
  • New interact functionality has been added to teleporters such as Runegates, fort and keep gates, ladders, banks, chests, sacrifice pits, and plant harvestables.
  • A new Embargo system has been introduced. Please see below for more information.
  • Revamp to God’s Reach continue to roll in. More details can be located in the God’s Reach section below.
  • New Respawn Outposts have been added to campaign worlds allowing for more respawning options during siege and campaign play.
  • Add monster camps to the map, with a pop-up that gives basic "consider" information.
  • New playable class: Knight Fae.

Embargo System:

  • Embargo system to allow players to move items in and out of the Campaign Worlds more easily from the Temple areas and to allow for improved Bank Storage in each world.
  • New banking system categories: Banks and Vaults. Both bank styles will have import/export tokens.
  • Pressing “B” no longer accesses the Spirit Bank and the bank type accessed depends on the type of world the player is in
  • In Campaign Worlds “B” accesses a global bank.
  • In God’s Reach, “B” will access your vault. 
  • Banks and Vaults now appear as a “List” view in the UI, previously it was a grid. 
  • Local banks have been deprecated.

God’s Reach:

  • A new God’s Reach campaign map has been added with the following new items:
  • This campaign no longer requires faction selection prior to entering.
  • Specific areas now have mobs of specific ranks.
  • Players no longer drop inventory items on death.
  • Added more spiders to the starting area of God’s Reach.
  • Recall in the NPE now takes you to the cave with the rez statue, instead of sending a player to the Temple.


  • Updated the Siege Schedule for all Forts and Keeps in Cluster 19 and Cluster 20.
  • Removed "Chicken Ticker" debuff from Starter Hunger shards.

Eternal Kingdoms:

  • Adjusted building placement to use screen axis.
  • NPCs, Vendors, and Items:
  • Boss mobs should no longer spawn in monster areas lower than rank 5.
  • Updated Embarri to use military camps, instead of just roads.
  • Updated system vendor shop names in the temple, and added in new vendors for novice weapons and mounts.
  • Adjusted costs and tick rate times on food that can be found on system vendors. The recovery pools on items like carrots, potatoes, and peppers have been adjusted and now vary slightly. 
  • Buying an item from a vendor with no free inventory space should now show an error message.

War Tribes and Loot:

  • Grouped and redistributed Minor Disciplines among particular Race-Class combinations
  • Vessel additives now only available at Rank 7+
  • Reduced resource drop rate
  • Bandages drop at lower ranks, Cloth drops at higher ranks
  • Increased food drop rates
  • Yeast, auroch milk, black pepper, and cocoa beans can now be sold back to vendors or sacrificed.

Sound and Visual FX:

  • New versions of outpost announcement messages.
  • New sound for death announcement message.
  • Enbarri power sounds clean up.
  • Reimplementing sound for Half-Giant Blood of the Giant.
  • New combat music tracks added.
  • Sound pass on powers of Knife Grinder discipline.
  • Sound pass on powers of Poisoner discipline.


  • Swapped Energetic Harvests 3rd and 5th Pip powers.
  • Added comments on Reaping and Breaking harvesting powers being added to Pip 1 power.


  • Common and higher quality experimentation all now have 10 Pips as the maximum amount of PiPs allowed per experimentation line.
  • Mushrooms can now be used as “seasoning”.
  • Combining discipline recipes now have their own menu and can be accessed through the personal crafting menu (J).
  • Updating recipes for war tribe combines to now require 3 instead of 10 with an additional 3 optional slots.
  • Crafting panel should no longer resize the reagent icons, so they'll all fit into the 1x1 slots properly. 
  • Experiment Quality Difficulty Adder has been altered such that experimentation now decreases as higher quality resources are used in crafting.
  • Additional Risk Difficulty values have been increased (These changes should make it such that you are more likely to have better experimentation rolls on higher-quality resources, and less likely to use additional risk on lower-quality resources).
  • Additional Risk Points statistic now properly works in the crafting system (Granted via the Attention to Detail Minor Discipline).
  • Altered base values granted per pip per experimentation success type.
  • Altered base values granted per level of Additional Risk added to experimentation.
  • Increased Base Template durability on Rings and Necklaces.
  • Baguette-Cut Diamond stat is now Additional Risk Difficulty Reduction.

Talent Trees:

  • The final capstone passive powers in the talent trees are now automatically and permanently applied to your character when you purchase them and no longer require a passive slot to be loaded out.

General Powers:

  • Fixed a data issue with the bandage 3 and 4 powers.  Monkey rolls and other interrupts will now correctly apply the Recently Bandaged debuff.
  • Melee attack ranges have been changed from 6m to 3m.
  • Teleporting now counts as a movement for the player character controller. As a result, dissipate now disables camouflage's stealth just like regular movement.
  • Altered the names for class basic attacks to make them sound flashier and fit with the narrative of each class in the combat log. 

Class Powers

  • Changed the Battle Chant tooltip to say the ability lasts 15 seconds to match its actual duration.


  • Meteor Purge's blackmantle effect should no longer fail to apply when used over 6m away from the target.


  • Fixed druid healing orb reticle.
  • Kinetic Boost now effects Power Efficiency by 20%.


  • Backend adjustment work on Tunnel teleport physics. 
  • Adjusted duelist basic attacks to fix some hitching issues. 

Race Powers:

  • Added more info text to Attributes details to indicate they can never exceed 350 in the character sheet. 
  • Added more information to racial passives to indicate what Attribute Caps they were modifying.


  • Headbutt shouldn't throw those who are blocking into the air anymore.

Wood Elf:

  • Wood Elf Camouflage now has a 3-second delay ("Hiding") after the player stops moving before they go into the Hidden state which makes them invisible.


  • Updated description to Bull Rush to indicate it no longer drags targets.
  • Updated bull rush icon, removing the yellow border.

Disciplines and Discipline Powers:

  • White quality disciplines can now be combined into higher quality disciplines.
  • Combine Discipline recipe now requires 5 of a kind for upgrading discipline qualities.
  • Adjusted price of Disciplines.
  • Deprecated the following Minor Disciplines - Expansive Mind, Demon's Pact, Fashion Statement, Hand of Glory. (These disciplines were granting unique race relating benefits that not only watered down race diversity, but also felt extraordinarily powerful for a minor discipline).
  • Long Live the Fighter can no longer be loaded out into the survival tray.
  • Remove bark skin effect from appearing on harvesting & unarmed stance.
  • Fixed Agent Provocateur's Stink Bomb not playing field fx.
  • Added duration of poison onto the tooltip for Poisoned Blade on the Poisoner Discipline.
  • Added the Bleed effect on the Long Live the Fighter passive could be stacked three times onto the tooltip.

General Bug Fixes:

  • Scaling on the spider queen should now be fixed.
  • Now showing xp changes as flytext.
  • Allow autorun to actually keep running with UI up.  You can also jump and adjust with A/D without canceling autorun.  If you aren't in autorun, you can use WASD to move around as long as no other UI has precedence.
  • Small change to quality settings, to give more breathing room to async texture streaming upload system.  Added vsync by default, to try to deal with hot GPU at the lobby.
  • Fixed the campaign restrictions on the world info panel.
  • Fixed issue with hair color mask for female Half-Elf hairstyle #4 (#3 in the avatar).
  • Now the player should get a prompt telling them to open their talent tree when they have too many talent points, know to put their stuff in a spirit bank when a campaign is ending, and know to choose another skill tree when they've maxed out one.
  • Vendor interactions are now an instant interact instead of a hold.
  • Updated gatehouse to fix the flickering issue.
  • Fixed the right-click to transfer items into the sacrifice window.  Should feel more responsive.
  • Fix missing hellcat acid spit projectile.
  • Moved the siege schedule filters to the siege schedule panel rather than being on top of both the schedule and leaderboard.
  • Added more info to the Map tutorial tip to now include information about war tribe map pins.

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