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5.100 Known Issues

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Crowfall Pre-Alpha Build 5.100.0


General :

  • High Elves and Guineceans can still equip multiple pieces of jewelry as long as they are of different cuts. You cannot equip 2 necklaces/rings of the same cut.
  • Surging Spirit discipline has been removed.
  • Harvesting weak point on various skinning creatures may appear off. 
  • Resources near a Hunger Crystal may not message the "Frozen" message when attempting to harvest them.
  • Guard AI may not animate properly. 
  • F to interact may get stuck on the screen when 2 players attempt to interact with a siege weapon at the same time. Hovering over another object like a tree or plant will fix this bug. 
  • Members of your faction, while stealthed, may not appear to have the purple stealth shader (this is only visible to members of the same faction).
  • If your guild crest appears incorrectly in-game, please reach out to support.
  • Players with Windows Region settings set to Turkey may encounter file issues (assets not loading properly so that they cannot log in properly) - changing your Windows region to United States should resolve this until we finish implementing a permanent solution.
  • If you place a siege weapon the max distance away from yourself, it may appear to be invisible until you exit placement mode - the item will be placed properly though, you just will not be able to see it.
  • Occasionally the avatar preview will be pixelated.
  • Opening your map right after resurrecting your vessel may cause the crow vision grayscale to occur after you rez. Logging out and back in will fix this.
  • Interrupting a power (using dodge, block, or otherwise) may not cancel out its FX.
  • Ranger secondary weapon may unequip after death.
  • Ballista aim sight will become invisible when pointed directly at a target.
  • Animal NPCs may appear in incorrect places - like inside forts.
  • NPC corpses may suddenly appear then immediately disappear in random locations.
  • Several abilities have effects that either fail to render, appear multiple times, or persist after use.
  • Several abilities have repeated or missing flytext.
  • RMB will not work when attempting to loot or purchase Disciplines - you will need to click and drag to move it.
  • The green moss shader in the temple will apply over your vessel.
  • If you have Overflow in your inventory, then you will be unable to complete trades with other players.
  • You may appear to suddenly lose all FX. Logging out and back in will fix this. Please report this to support if you see it.
  • You may become stuck on loading screens while zoning or logging out. Close and reopen your client to fix this. If you run into issues while logging back in with that vessel please contact support.
  • If you lead a Wartribe NPC far enough away from their spawn point so that they highlight and begin running back, they may appear to get stuck on their way back.
  • If you dodge through a resource doober, you will not pick it up (despite the FX and SFX indicating otherwise).

Campaign :

  • Players may randomly fall through the world in specific locations. If this happens to you please report the issue with your zone and coordinates.
  • There are a few areas in the game that players can get stuck between rocks. If this happens to you please note the location in the playtest forum and use recall to unstick yourself. 
  • Scoreboard: Guild Score not updating properly when joining or leaving a guild while in game (closing client and reopening it will fix these behaviors).
  • Siege weapons may get a steep error message one placement, even on correct terrain. 
  • Placing a siege weapon over a non-basic resource may result in you being unable to exit the siege weapon, as the resource may not despawn
  • "A wall has been destroyed" toast message is missing after destroying the keep wall.
  • The Campaign has Ended banner Superlatives Achievers will show your guild name rather than their own.
  • Actual capture radius on outposts does not match the visual decal on the ground.


  • Moving items from the bank window straight to the crafting menu will cause a visual bug to appear. These items are visually in your crafting session, but you cannot actually craft with these items.
  • Some crafting items may be missing their icons.
  • Combined artifacts may not equal the correct sacrifice value on final crafting result. Currently working on a fix to remedy this issue.

Eternal Kingdom :

  • If your EK crashes, please contact support. 
  • Using a parcel with buildings attached to it to craft a new parcel will cause those buildings to be lost.
  • Some EK buildings are missing socket attachments.
  • If an EK is full, the Enter EK button may not appear for you, making you unable to enter the queue for that EK.

User Interface :

  • The Campaign Scoreboard (viewed through the game map) may not appear when the game is set to windowed mode as opposed to fullscreen. 
  • If you open your map immediately after activating building placement mode, then your UI will break. Log out and back in to fix this.
  • If you bind a mouse button (like middle mouse button) to your tray swapping functionality, then your tray UI will show "MOUSE" vertically on the tray icon button.

Chat :

  • Logging out of a campaign with a group created will cause the chat tab not to disappear. Fully relogging out of the game will fix this issue and prevent too many tabs from being open at the same time.
  • Chat has been experiencing lag.

Powers :

  • Many powers are missing their fx, sfx, and flytext. We are currently working on improving and updating many of the class powers. Please report the issues, but know we are working diligently on getting them working properly.
  • If two DoT powers are cast on the same enemy player, the second person to cast the DoT may not see the flytext from their power. 
  • Some HoT and some DoT may not be working properly. Please report this in the playtest forum. 
  • Second Wind may not show flytext.
  • Some powers are missing their buff icons, or the buff indicator altogether.
  • Powers used immediately after a retaliate may do no damage.
  • Retaliate prompt may disappear if you are spamming other abilities when it comes up.
  • Knight Fallback barrier ability may not stack properly - use Noble blood first and follow it up with the Fallback talent in order to stack the barrier properly.
  • If a Myrmidon uses Colossus Smash within 10 meters of their target, they will clip through the target doing no damage.
  • Duelist Snipe power currently does no damage.
  • Myrmidon Pulverize power is missing its hit SFX or FX.
  • The druid basic lightning attack may appear to originate from off-screen.

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