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Crowfall Parser with in-game overlay

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Updated for 5.115 Alpha! The latest version: 1.0.28 (⬇Download 4MB).




  • Topmost half-transparent overlay with combat summary and details, which you can put on top of the game client or on your 2nd monitor. 
  • Extensive settings for parse mechanics and UI.
  • High performance: 15000 records per second.
  • Automatically finds combat log files (make sure you enable combat log writing to file in game settings and hit a dummy)
  • Fights history: you can return back in time to previous fights from the current game session.
  • Bar graph for your powers and opponents damage.
  • Supports multiple running clients: if you are levelling your alt with a main character, parser will understand who is main and show correct parse.
  • Opponents list for a fight. If you set long enough idle between fights, you can get opponents list for biggest siege fights separately or for the siege overall.
  • You can copy parse details and opponents list to spreadsheet with mouse right-click.
  • Bonus feature - AFK notifier: When turned on, if Crowfall client was inactive for 9 minutes, parser will play crow sound to notify that your character is about to get logged out for inactivity. If there are several inactive clients, parser will play several crow sounds. You can also change 9 minutes to lower value in settings.


System requirements: Windows 10.1511 or Windows 7 SP1 with .NET Framework 4.6.1 (and above).

You can download all versions here

(Firefox users may experience issues with Google Drive. If download link shows you an error, please try another browser)



Known issues:

  • Logs do not follow non-ambiguous regular grammar rule, so it's impossible to make distinction between opponent and its attack without context knowledge. E.g. "Hellcat Mauler Swipe" can be treated as "Hellcat Mauler" hit you with "Swipe" or "Hellcat" hit you with "Mauler Swipe". Parser can't reliably handle incoming attacks and heals until it is fixed. Bug is reported here.
  • Lifesteal values are reported differently depending on power. E.g. if you use ultimate Sustain, your LMB attacks heal will be displayed as "Lifesteal" (in real log power name is missing), but you will also see some random skills healing you, e.g. "Suppression Shot" heals.
  • Damage over time is reported the same way as power which produced DoT effect. If initial power made crit, DoTs are reported as crits as well (in reality they are not crits, however Bleed may crit sometimes). It may make "Crit. rate" stat inaccurate.
  • Because of many different game mechanics, which are not always properly reported in log, you may encounter edge cases when damage should not be counted as yours or as incoming (e.g. Fall damage should not be counted as yours). If you see such records, please send me bug report in discord.


Requested features:

  • Raid group functionality, so you can see raid members stats.
  • Auto-patcher.
  • Powers rotation visualiser.
  • Open custom logs and filter them by timeframe.
  • Damage types diagram.


Thanks to Sugoi, KGV, Red Reapers, Hard Charge, Datum and Vanguard for early testing and feedback!

If you want to support various Crowfall tools development and get access to early Alpha and Beta versions, please follow me on Patreon.


Edited by ComradeAma
Updated for 5.115.
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2 hours ago, Bzra said:

Does this violate any TOS?

Before I answer that, I need to say: CAVEAT EMPTOR ("let the buyer beware"). Downloading, installing and using any application is done so at your own risk, particularly when it's not officially sanctioned by us. 

Now, about the TOS question. I wondered the same thing, so I ran it by some of the crew.

Response 1: He is reading the combat log. (So if we change the combat logs that we output it might break his overlay.) But from his description it doesn't sound like it is giving the players tactical advantages or anything.
Response 2: We definitely need more mods like that.
Response 3: Hire him.


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7 hours ago, ComradeAma said:

No, it does not read or modify client memory. It only uses text combat logs, produced by Crowfall client in AppData folder.

reading client memory or heck anything that does not modify or influence the program installed on my computer cannot violate a tos. Well, sure some asshat could try and enforce something like that, but they would lose.

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