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Artifact Items - Thoughts and Opinions

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I'll start off with what I like about the artifact Items.

I like the way they play. I'm never upset to get one. I just logged off from a leveling session and I stayed at the camp I was at, even though it didn't give me XP anymore because I was hunting for blue artifacts.

It is a nice alternative to leveling and is a nice supplement to leveling.

Here is what I don't like.

Actually using them is annoying.

Most of the alters do not work. I'm sure this is a bug and not intended.

You can not use them when you make them. You have to make them and transport them back to sac them. That would be fine if they stacked. Right now if I want to use them I make them all on one character that is out in the world at the alter, put them in vault, log off and onto the character I actually want to use them on, pull them out of vault, and finally sac. This is even worse if I want to trade them because now I have 50ish binds that I can only trade 6 at a time. This process will be even worse in CW because we won't be able to use this method due to export/import.

I would suggest making completed binds stack. It would be nice if you could use them at the camp but that takes the risk away of holding something valuable. There is no reason for these to be serialized atm.

You can fail the combine because they have a runecraft check. This is just added annoyance. I don't think what it adds to the profession is worth the annoyance to everyone else. I'd remove this. My thoughts are this should be a more global system.

The current recipe to combine artifacts requires any 3 artifacts and up to 3 more additional artifacts, so long as they are all of the same tribe. Regardless of how many you use, the item and sac value is the same. There is no reason to ever use more than 3. Not sure what you intend here, I'd just pick a required number and keep it see that.

There should only be one item at each rarity. There is no difference between white Aricoix artifact #1 or #2 other than they can't stack. Save our bags.

The sac value from blue to purple is too close. On a blue vessel a blue bind is 1100 and purple is 1150.

I think all artifact binds should be useful to all quality of vessels. I'd suggest removing the runecraft componet from combine but give runcrafters a way to upgrade the quality of a bind. Maybe something like 3 equal quality binds and X dust makes 1 of the next quality bind. Use dust for white to green and green to blue. Use embers for blue to purple and purple to orange. (The orange can be only obtainable this way). I'd even suggest making this ability require a minor rune/passive. This will make 2 distinct types of runcrafters. Choices.

I think a system like this can work if end game vessels (purple/orange) take a lot more XP than blue. A white vessel takes about an hour to hit 30. A blue vessel takes about 4 hours to hit 25. I'd make a purple take 10x a blue and even more for an orange. This is with the assumption that a purple or orange vessel is something you never discard. It's a permanent addition to your roster. One more thing I'd say here is purple/orange vessels need to start with their abilities.

I think if implimented, artifacts would be a global system that all could partake in. Might not take off at launch but once we're well into the game, leveling purple/orange vessels should be the non PvP thing to do outside of material farming. 

New players could farm something that veterans will always want.

Veterans have something to do in down time. It's another reason to be out in the world.

Runecrafters get a second way to play their crafter.


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