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Tuned out the game, How close are we to a fun game to play?

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So I (I think wisely) tuned out the game, let the hard core people really give the feedback and such. I'm more casual anyway so this would've been a boring slog so I think it was wise to tune out.


Hows the game doing now? When is the clock starting for VIP etc. Any changes on VIP as a system that I aught to know about?

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VIP does nothing currently that I know of. No longer does anything for passive training.

This patch had a fresh character/item wipe but passive training has been going on since last year. Lots of things in to make leveling and getting a character going fairly quick.

Depending on when you were last here or logged in there likely is a lot of changes and additions and changes to those changes.

Definitely getting closer to what I consider a "game" but I'd like to see most if not all the remaining missing features make it in so it isn't as bare bones. So I don't log in much anymore even for the participation trophies. If they aren't going to be heavy in the content as "we are the content," then the planned features need to at least be in for me. 



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