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5.100 Feedback Reports for 7/30/19

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Yes it`s probably a bug @Staff - if a character can enter the campaign they should be part of the scoreboard. 

  • Afk timer in God`s Reach and in the Campaign is too aggro like my x girl so I need to take precautions which seems unneccessary until we get full servers.
  • Bandages with over 59 seconds cool down is a bit much and I am aware of sustain powers on some major disc. runes and some classes, but maybe tweaked and adjusted down to 30 seconds. You cant do anything while bandage based on the animation so it feels spot on.
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On 8/7/2019 at 11:45 AM, Surelia said:

can anyone confirm drops of

  • treated steel tool
  • alchemy tool
  • haste tool


You had any luck yet as we are finding it hard to get any of those as well.


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