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Harvesting QoL Suggestions

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Here are some Harvesting changes I would like to see.

The 5 pip system- I'd like to see all 5 abilities and anything granted from harvesting runes to just be slotted abilities. Make them have the same pip cost but let us choose which one to use. Is is frustrating to not be able to use an ability because you have too much of a resource.  If I have 5 pips and I want to use a 3 pip ability, let me simply use that ability and I know have 2 pips. Make these just like the abilities granted by discs.

Make all pip consuming abilities flash cast and make it so that they do not interrupt harvesting. This would just feel smoother. It just feels wrong that often you don't use an ability because its better to just keep swinging or you skip using an ability because you want to hit that sweet spot before it is gone. The best rotation is often hold down F until the node is gone and then use an ability in between nodes because it is not worth it to stop hitting.

I don't think that either of these changes wold be too OP. I don't even think they would make that big a difference in overall harvesting. But it would make the game play feel better. It would make it feel right.


On Skinning and Grave Digging

Due to the nature of skinning and grave digging vs the other harvesting lines you do not get full use out of potions, food, or beneficial harvest. I would suggest that potions and food for these be charged based. No duration for the the potion or food buff, but give them charges that expend when you harvest a node. Use all the charges and lose the buff. It would be great if you could do something similar for beneficial harvest. Maybe if it procs you get 1 or 2 charges that does not expire until you harvest that many nodes.



These are points of frustration for me when harvesting. If you can make the harvesting outcome the same as it is now, but with these changes it would just feel that much better when playing.

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