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Love playing Cleric but...

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So maybe I'm wrong but...

Just started playing Beta, playing Cleric class which I love. I'm torn though to throw points in healing or melee just like every other game that promotes this class. Shouldn't a Cleric be a holy fighter and inspire those around him/her with buffs or heals almost acting like Hots with the actions the character accomplishes.

It feels like the same old same old either I heal with weak melee or I melee with no heals for my group/team. Am I missing something??


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Posted (edited)

Templars class paladins might be what your looking for, there basicly healing tanks being in the middle of the comflict and healing people around them as they fight. They got 2 main sources of healing one is a ground circle they drop that dmg enemy and heals allies by quite alot, and the other is devotion which heals all party members within i think 30m everytime you dmg an enemy. They can do some decent dmg output as well especially low hp targets due to having a rather hard hitting execute.

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Veeshan Midst of UXA

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