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Dynamic questing system fo better leveling

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I've got this covered.


The King Of Balance:

Ah! Another new Crow!

A little scrawny but I don't suppose the Gods would have chosen you if there weren't something to you. Just as the Gods have chosen you to fight their battles, they've chosen me to make sure their last line of defense here in the Reach stays intact. My subjects do a fine job keeping what little of the Hunger reaches this far at bay, but recently we've run in to a new problem.

Gangs of barbarians from several indigenous populations have recently been driven off their lands by The Hunger. As you may know, that damnable force consumes with greater efficacy nearer to its source, and so I suppose it was only a matter of time before it drove these ruffians as far as the Reach. The good news is they're no match for one of the Gods own Crows like yourself. I mean sure they've got an advantage in numbers, efficiency, knowledge, and armaments, but what they don't have is the gift of immortality!

If you'd help me thin the herd a bit I'd be willing to provide you access to a gate leading to the battlefront, and I'd even be willing to let you keep whatever you find on the corpses of those filthy invaders to boot! I'm sure you could use a bit of new equipment before you ship out for the grand conflict, right?

What say you, Crow?

Do we have a deal?

OBJECTIVE: Kill invading war tribes for the King of Balance to reach level 20

REWARD: Access to 3 faction campaigns. All The Loot You Can Carry.

Do you accept this quest from The King Of Balance?

Y / N

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Rub rock on face and say "Yes food is eaten now time for fight"

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Honestly I think questing is a crutch that MMOs use to create content since their focus is NOT PvP. The focus and end game of Crowfall is PvP all roads should lead there. Questing is an alternative that is absolutely useless to a point. Having said that...... I think quests that highlight game play functions are vital and can help new players catch up and not miss vital aspects of the game. Including getting them use to the UI and game play this make them viable for the endgame and should make it so that everyone coming out of the newbie areas is versed in the game enough to stand a chance.

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