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5.100 TEST Patch Notes for 8/7/19 and 8/8/19

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Crowfall Pre-Alpha Build 5.100.2
The Fortunes of War

To report any issues or bugs, please go here: 5.100 TEST Bug Reports

To report feedback, please go here: 5.100 Feedback

For an up-to-date list of known issues please go here: 5.100 Known Issues


  • Fixed Highland Wolf respawn timer error.
  • Improved the reward mug placement on Fae.
  • Fixed visual issues with armor.
  • Reverted melee targeting reticle to previous functional iteration.
  • Wartribe NPC’s barrage power will only hit you when you are within the power AoE.


  • Improved terrain edges to reduce fall-through errors.
  • If you are teleported to a safe location in a siege or adventure zone, you will not be teleported to an enemy runegate.

User Interface:

  • Split stack should now work properly in your Bank UI.
  • Bank window can now be moved around in game.

General and Discipline Powers:

  • Summoning a mount will now shut off any active Camouflage or Invisibility powers.

Class Powers:

  • Improved Healing Rain and re-implemented power FX.


  • Vanish power has been fixed - barrel animation and damage is back.

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