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Heyo! Liar Here.


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Hello everyone! I'm Liar, and I just heard about this game today from a journal post by BeastofOblivion on DeviantART. It look really interesting, and heaven knows I could use a game besides Guild Wars 2 every now and then!


So yeah, a little bit about me:

I'm 19 years old and living in Alaska with what might be the worst internet in the entire universe (we don't even have unlimited downloads). I like Anime/manga, Homestuck, role playing, games, drawing, and wasting time on stupid things.

Sadly, like many people out there, I am horrible at talking to people, and often find that my sarcastic remarks hurt peoples feelings. I am deeply sorry for offending you.. Unless I actually meant it.. Which is possible. My LOUD AND OBNOXIOUS VOICE also drives people away, even though I use it as a joke, not when I'm actually mad at someone.. If I'm mad at you, I simply wont talk to you. But deep down, I am secretly an all powerful demon princess of rainbows and love that will rule the world with the power of Mary Sue(youwilllovemeorIwillwriteyououtofexistence). I hope that we can all be great friends.


I'm personally looking forward to being slaughtered by the enemy, rage quitting, and looking at scenery. Only one of those was true... It was the last one. I actually am looking forward to this game, it has nice art, the Archetypes look cool (leaning towards Stalker and FrostWeaver, ranged DPS is my favorite in most other games, so yeah), and the fact that the developers are trying to add more then just 'hack, slash, kill or be killed' to it is making me excited! Also with their 'we're not trying to make it balanced, that's up to you' attitude, I hope less nerfing will be happening to all of the skills that I and every one else happens to like. Having to think about your build and how you play will also be interesting; I know a lot of people will probably have to much lag to do a lot of it, but I hope there will be a way around that.. At least partially.


I'm afraid that I am not much of a rage poster, and if I find something I don't like about the game, I'll usually just ignore it and play anyway. Same with if I like something, I'll just shrug and keep going.. It is up to everyone else to carry my weight, and for this I am sorry.

But fear not! I am actually a decent team player, and while I may run off on my own on occasion, I will happily come to your aid if need be! Hopefully I will not let everyone down with my need to dig random holes in some far off corner of the map.


I cant wait to see what all's possible, and hopefully my computer can handle it. 



Now off to make an avatar, very important business.


One day I may add a real Signature, but alas, today is not that day!

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Gasp, you doubt me? I speak nothing but the truth, I swear!





And the only real truth is about me being a Demon Princess, so you better watch out. :lol:

One day I may add a real Signature, but alas, today is not that day!

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