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Motherlode Question

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Posted (edited)


Learning to craft vessels, and here is where I’m currently stuck:


Vessel requires materials from motherload

>> motherload requires Foreman discipline

>> Foreman discipline is gotten from XYZ. 


I could use help filling in XYZ.


What I know about XYZ - I’ve heard that I need to skin animals and hit stone with soul tool.

>> How do I make a soul tool?

>> What items am I looking for?  What do I combine them into?


I’d love to see a step by step buildup of this crafting - the other crafting seems fairly straightforward but this one seems to have a lot of buildup.

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Posted (edited)

Run down for this process:

To get the rough soul gems needed to upgrade runic tools to be able to harvest souls from r6 nodes / mobs, you need to mine non slate ore (maybe you can get it from slate) then craft either a knife or a hammer with the soul gem to get the tool you need.

To get the soul just keep farming till u get one. Then for explorations you will need 2 blood of any rarity (but the 2 must share a rarity) and some other easier materials and crafted at a rune crafting station.

Finally to hit mother lodes, (stone for minerals you will want to make p stones to give good stat upgrades to the vessel) (ore is gems for necklaces, rings and runic weapons) you will want the player with the passive training to have a powerful tool while the partner(s) will have basic tools with foreman (foreman debuff will stack so 2 people with foreman is good)then have them activate the take it down ability whenever its off cool down and just keep going through the mother lodes. The reason to have the person with the best training to have the best tool is because whoever deals the most damage in the first 1/3(need a double check on that) will have the nodes drop table snap on to their training. So after the first third or so everyone can then use their best tools to help speed up the process. Typically you will want a potion as well for gem and minerals as they will greatly help your chances of drops (you will need bones for these potions)

General tips: ravines will have lots of one type of node (stone or ore) but lots of mobs, keeps will have both types but more spread out and little to no mobs. For the foreman people a good idea is to equip villien exploration disc (don't forget to equip the passive too) as it will reduce the amount of basic tools you need to craft. (That soul also drops from quarrying) 

Vessel wise: As I understand it, p stones (philosopher's stones) aren't required for vessels but they make vessels a lot better. Also to make the good p stones you will need an emerald tablet, otherwise you can only make p stones with 2 philosopher's solutions, with the tablet you make it with 4 solutions. Which is about a jump from +20 to +40 of a stat. To get the tablet farm boss tier(captain, chief, king) war tribes of r6 and above that are the fae looking ones or the satyr tribe.

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Posted (edited)

Hi, Master necromancer here with a few tips about minerals and necromancy:

You'll need cinnabar and halite to make ambrosia to restore body parts. Ambrosia is a non-rarity commodity so you can do this without any training as long as you have an alchamy table handy. You'll need 6 per vessel at minimum but the recipie only makes 5. Low rank motherlodes can often be found in clusters, so always be on the lookout for dense clumps of marble or granite motherlodes to fuel your unending need for low tier cinnabar and halite.

The philosopher's stone is essentially a "wildcard" body part. While each race must be constructed from specific parts which determine their overall base stats before experimentation, as well as what you're able to experiment on, a philosopher's stone is crafted by a skilled alchemist. If you're serious about necromancy, find someone that's serious about alchemy because you guys are gonna be best friends. These are crafted from between 2 and 4 philosopher's solutions and those solutions can add any of the base stats in to the stone, which allows you to have a custom body part in addition to the race's default characteristics. You could bump up 4 targeted stats a bit, spike one stat, or anything in between depending on what resources you have available and what you want to do. Philosopher's stones are responsible for the majority of the customization of a vessel. Make sure you keep the high tier stone alongside the high tier minerals as your alchemist will need both to make high tier philosopher's stones.

Also note that optional components may or may not be useful to your customer. As you require goggles to add these to body parts, and those goggles decay per crafting operation you're potentially damaging your goggles up to six time for every vessel you create. Make sure that your customer actually needs stats in all of those slots as often you'll find one or two body parts that you can skip without any remarkable negative effects on the build.

Also note that optional body parts are non rarity effecting items ,and that their bonuses can not be experimented upon. You will always get the exact bonus shown on the body part, and it will not increase the difficulty or any other stat of the crafting operation. You can use a legendary femur on a green leg without it being harder or more expensive to craft aside from the durability hit to your goggles, or use a green hand on a legendary arm without fear of downranking the arm. This is NOT the case for philosopher's stones however. Philosopher's stones behave like any other body part and will modify the assembly outcome difficulty and item rarity accordingly. Remember this before you consider using a green philo stone and screw up your legendary vessel.

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