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Everspace is a masterclass in roguelite design.


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Picked it up on sale. The gist is that its an arcade space sim that combines FTL style randomized sector maps with survival game style scavenging/crafting mechanics and super tight arcade style space fighting.

Like most modern Roguelites, it offers persistant progression mechanisms between runs, but what's truly special about it is that these systems combine with a persistant narrative to recontextualize the entire game in to one long adventure.

You shoot things, you get blueprints loot, resources, you build, upgrade, and throw away spaceship parts, find keys and unlock valuable treasure, and not once does a run feel wasted in this greater context, nor does the randomization of the zones, layouts, and hazards feel unfair.

The space hazards specifically are really creative and well done, from black holes that entice you with valuable dark energy that you must dive in to a treacherous gravity well to acquire, to near-solar zones that fry your systems the longer you stay, electric disturbances that sap your shields but refill your batteries, or solar storms that require you to seek cover to avoid massive solar flares there are so many interesting pieces in its random generator that the runs never really seem to blend together.

The controls are tight and responsive, with a standard WASD/mouse and restrictive but fair "stamina" style energy that powers both your afterburners and weapons and a stylized outer space full of obstacles you'll be making precise dogfighting maneuvers, dancing around missiles, and feeling like a badass elite fighter pilot with very little practice.

The enemies, while few in variety are functionally distinct enough in resist profiles and ability that their procedurally generated combinations in conjunction with the environments create a constantly fresh feeling arena of interstellar violence and the upgrades and ship types offer a ton of replayability through interesting strategy changing sidegrades, gradual unlocking of new features, and powerful incentives to risk it all to kill that big corvette you could have just left alone.

The narrative does a lot with very little, using well acted voice lines and motion comic cutscenes to tell a tale of political subterfuge and questionable scientific ethics that may not be citizen kane but definitely holds enough interest to encourage you to keep making run after run to see where it goes.

If you have any interest at all in space combat games, you need to pick this up. I haven't been this in to shooting stuff in space since playing XWING on MS-DOS.

If anyone could marry these mechanisms multiplayer game they'd have an instant PvP win. It just feels so damn good to shoot, loot, explore, and even die.

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