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Vessel System


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I'm new to the game and I'm trying to understand the Vessel System a little better. 

I've created my first character and in all tutorials/guides that I've found, everyone says the first character you create it's not gonna be your main character and I'm trying to understand it.

I checked a lot of guides and they all say the best class to start and understand the game is Templar. So I created one. 

But I'm pretty sure of which class I want my main to be.

It has nothing to do with Templars. Can I sacrifice my Templar to  have better stats for an Assassin for instance?

I've tried to find a few in-depth guides for Vessel System and I didn't find any. If you guys have any great guides for that I'd appreciate! 

Thanks for your help! 😊

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To start out with, play whatever you want. Templars are very solo friendly once you get the Divine Light ability, but you can solo with any class.

Vessels are crafted bodies. When you created your templar, you were automatically given a common quality body. Necromancers can craft higher quality bodies (vessels). Vessels are crafted for a specific race, but you can make that vessel any class that race allows. To do so, you have to put the vessel into your vault, then you create a new character of that race. When you select the race, you will see the vessel appear beneath the race name. You select the vessel, then select your class and create the character as normal.

It's possible that we will be able to sacrifice existing vessels (ones we are actively using) to get a leg up on leveling a new vessel. I think they talked about it in the last Q&A and liked the idea, but I have no idea if that's something that will make it in before launch.

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