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Best Assassin build?


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For Black Guard, you will want agent provactor, good stealth major.

You can go arcane archer / sharpshooter for range / root for second major.

Or illusionist for more damage. 

For minors, spirit whip, elven eyes and uniform mail are solid.

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Thanks for replies.

I personally play Vandal and would like to know which major und minor discipline you would use for them.

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Vandal looks good on paper, but I haven't run into anyone that has played a vandal & managed to get better results from it than the other two promotions. It lacks the burst of Cutthroat, and the surviveability of Blackguard. Much of the CC Vandal relies on to survive is rendered moot with the current implementation of Retaliate, and the poison & bleed dots it deals scale poorly with improving gear.

If you like the way it plays don't let the failure of others deter you, be the 1st to make it work.

As for disciplines:

I'd strongly recommend Agent Provocateur. Lay-Low is a massive heal if you can get back into stealth, and has good synergy with both Yaga's Gift & Vanish. The piercing weakness from Caltrops has great synergy with the current Archer meta and has a slow, and Stink bomb is always a good way to start a fight whether you plan on fighting or simply supporting your team from stealth.

The other major really depends on how you plan to fight. Black Mask has good synergy with the Suppress from Backstab, Sharpshooter & Arcane Archer offer options from range including a root while your dots do their work, Escape Artist will make you slipperier than you already are. Illusionist, Elementalist, Banshee, Shield Breaker, Plague Lord, Scarecrow & Mole Hunter all have possibilities depending on how you want to fight.

For the minors, when in doubt: Uniform Leather, Sparing & Elven eyes, but  you should dabble with others to get a feel for what works for you. 

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I'm finding if you want to go blackguard, then Ranger is an upgrade. It has a better heal....40% heal which you can use multiple times, it already has range so that saves you disipline. You can pick up stealth (Although not as good)...plus rangers with stealth get ambush (the biggest opener)

I'm having trouble staying with blackguard because of that.



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Melee is struggeling in 5.100, mostly because of the changed melee range.  Effectively the 3 m range in combination with desync of the server makes it near impossible to actually hit your opponent.  At the very least makes it extremely easy for the target to kite.

In comparisen ranged will be able to hit you from a mile away (over exaggeration) with a huge hitbox.  You literally dont even need to have the reticule lit up, you will still hit.


In addition one of the big reasons to take an assassin would be the anti-heal.  Unfortunately this has been nerfed to being useless, instead everyone takes PlagueLord for the 30m 1hit 1application ability.  Something the assassin needs 6 attacks to match... just from melee.


So ATM there is really no “best” assassin build, cause the class is broken.  You can make it work, but its not effective compared to other classes ...


Best of luck


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