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Casual Saturday Siege... not!

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Chaos owns 1 keep. Order owns 2. There is no Balance! (pun intended)

KDS and CAL split defensive duties and when the siege goes live CAL informs us of Chaos laying siege to the keep they are defending.
We leave a group behind to defend that keep and we move 7 people to reinforce CAL.

Once we arrive we figure out that Winterblades have finally dropped their Balance mantle and have joined EU Chaos. Now we are talking 15 to 20 of the strongest PvP players Crowfall community has to offer. 

What followed was over one hour of PvP with a lot of back and fourth and ultimately loads of fun!

I hope you will enjoy this short #warstory 



Gen. Prom
Guild Leader of KDS
Recruitment Post - Guild Recruiting and Management - #warstory
Visit us at www.kdsguild.ro


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