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Crafting/resource wiki

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As a newer player I'm am really trying to wrap my head around crafting. It seems very straight forward in some aspects and a bit confusing at others. For example what is a mineral vs stone and Where do I get/make timber. 

These are questions that in honesty come from very little crafting time and experience in game; but i think are basic enough to have a place to answer them.


Is there a resource or plans for a resource to make a crafting guide? OR will this have to be a user generated thing?



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This should help:


To answer your specific questions, Timber is found in the big chests at the Mill POI. It is used along with boulders (Quarry POI) and ingots (Mine POI) to build keep and fort walls. 

Cobblestone is basic stone. Non-basic would be Granite, Marble, Slate, Travertine and Limestone. Minerals come from non-basic stone motherlodes (the big stone nodes that require 2+ people). Likewise, gems come from ore motherlodes (aurelium, silver, copper, iron and tin). Special training and/or discplines/tools/potions are required to harvest minerals and gems. Each type of stone or ore motherlode will drop a different type of mineral or gem, respectively. You can see that specific information in the link above.

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