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Guild Showcase on Tuesdays CF Stream


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Dear Community, dear CF guild,

I would like to revive this thread, because I am planing to do a guild showcase for NA and EU guilds on the official CF Twitch channel on my stream on tuesdays...

In order to do that I would like all guilds who would like to participate in the guildshowcase to drop the info I need to the following Discord channels:

EU: https://discord.gg/TCjNazc -> #cf-guild-showcase-eu

NA: https://discord.gg/qGVS8cM -> #cf-guild-showcase-na

I will prepare a quick introduction based on the information provided and available to each guild.

I will present the guilds in the same order that they added their information to my discord.

I will start with the EU guilds and and follow up with the NA guilds.

If a representative of the guild wants to be present for the stream I want to give everyone the opportunity to present the guild.

Guilds who will provide a little speech will be presented first.

I will announce this stream at least 2 days in advance and planing will be done on discord.

The guild showcase will most likely take place in beginning of September.

Looking forward to see you.

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