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CrusaderWs in-depth Champion Guide

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In this post, I want to give you an in-depth guide for the CHAMPION, including all promotion classes.

I've been playing the champion for a couple of months now and I feel quite familiar with it. I did a lot of research so I wanted to share those information with you in this guide.

I'm going to cover...:

  • the passive training,
  • the playable races,
  • the talents and abilities,
  • what equipment I would recommend,
  • the attributes that you should focus on and what there is consider,
  • the stats that all the combination of the former lead to, and,
  • last but not least the disciplines that you can equip and that are a good choice in my opinion.

If you want to read the full guide: https://crowfall.crusaderw.com/crowfall-in-depth-champion-guide/

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This is a very good low level intro to the class and some current options on how to build it.  Should work just fine for anyone trying the class/game out for the first time.  Well done.

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