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Attn: Newer / Behind in Training Players

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I see a lot of newer people in game asking about farming or how to get this or that. Usually trying to make trades for Vessels, Ambrosia or Chaos Embers to use as a currency.

Chaos embers are the top resource for end game are about the only resource advanced players will want, that under trained, under geared players can actually farm. I find it mind numbing to farm for Chaos Embers though and to do it effectively still requires advanced training and gear.

If you are looking to get into the market, or just a way to help your guild I am going to suggest that you harvest Blood and Bone. Blood and Bone are the most sought after end game material after Chaos Embers and requires almost no training to get into. The great thing about Blood and Bone is that white quality is just as valuable as legendary. The blood and bone from R2s is the same as from R10s. This means you don't need any advanced gear or training to farm it. You can even do it with basic harvesting knife.

There are 3 training nodes in Exploration Basics and 2 nodes in Reaping for Blood and Bone harvest chance. These nodes can be trained relatively quickly. The only other ways to increase your chance for Blood and Bone would be to:

Use the Connoisseur Harvesting Disc and keep the buff active while skinning.

Use and advanced knife rune tool made with copper and silver.


Chaos Embers are still better, but this would be the next best alternative if you are trying to decide how to train.

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... and mushrooms, we always need stacks of mushrooms. They're not as valuable as embers, dust, blood or bone, but a day 1 player and their naked Lv1 vessel is just as good at foraging for mushrooms as the most over-geard veteran.

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Very good to know. My daughter has a few chaos embes and was looking to trade them for the foreman disc, but I told her she might want to wait or try to get it on her own. Being noobs I was worried she might get taken advantage of. 

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