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possible change to how harvesting works

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So ive been tossing this idea in my head for a little while now and i think it could be a good change ill explain it the best i can but im not always the best with typing out my suggestion but ill try.

So the current system is atm or will be when banking on the fly is removed is harvest till you get a good amount of goodies then recall, the only risk. Itsa simple method and is seen in pretty much every RPG game which is fine but im hopping this suggestion offers a little more interesting scenario's.

The Basics
- Firstly resource nodes no longer drop there refined good outright except they drop an unrefined version of various quality and type (hide = Pelt, Stone = Slabs, Ore = ore Cluster, Wood = Logs) these unrefined resources do not stack at all and take up a 2x2 space in the inventory so your limited on how many you can carry at a time to a maximum of 18 if thats all thats in your inventory

- Upon carrying any of there unrefined resources you will no longer be able to recall so you will have to take them to a refining station or a resource stash.

- Each basic resource node (Not mothernodes) will drop 1 unrefined resource upon completion of the harvest mother nodes will drop 3 (Addition of Leather (Ancient mobs) and wood (Old growth tree) mothernodes are to be added works same way as stone and metal mothernodes)

- Resource stashes will be added to Keeps, Forts and Temples these are simply chests that you can store alot of these unrefined resources (Either makes them stack able or reduces there size) should be able to store 50-100 of these unrefined resources in them. Can make them local or global i prefer local tbh. You can have a chest near forts you can take thing out of if you loose the fort or pay a fee to get them transfered to the temple if you do the local banking method.

- Refining stations (aka Lumber mill, Stone works, Smeltery, Tanner) Will be structure that get randomly generated through the world kinda like re spawn points and should be capture able at anytime and lightly defended by guards much like re spawn points, Refine station are crafting benches where you can drop the unrefined resources in and they will break them down into the usuable components (Ore,wood, stone, hides) and so on, the yields should be about 3-5 times the nodes are currently, so your basicly moving a node by harvesting it to a refining station to get the rewards however you will get more due to the extra work now involved. Your critical chance/amount chance should affect the refine rate instead of the harvest rates now.

What this should add to the game
- Increase hot spots for PvP

- increased players traffic in the world

- More player interactions with defending players tranporting good to the refining stations and protection.

It kinda combines the harvesting system with the caravan style system they eventually wanted to add.


Veeshan Midst of UXA

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It is already intended that the POIs will generate similar things to what you suggest. There's no need to change basic harvesting to that model. You'd break a lot more than you'd fix.

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Posted (edited)

I think the idea is that a system somewhat like this one along with the existing systems exist.

Like, POIs generate large chunks of resource on a semirandom schedule (as Todd said he doesn't want people camping the spawns) which must be loaded on caravans, and then the caravans (which can presumably be destroyed or hijacked) must be moved to a refinery for processing.

This covers three bases with scaling risk corresponding to heightened efficiency to ensure all level of play have access to, but never total control of resources.

Solo harvesting - (Lowest Risk, Lowest Reward) - You and a pick against the world, but you're highly mobile and can drop off at any nearby bank (including banks in outposts) but lose access to a few high level crafting materials. Small nodes are arrayed so broadly that camping them is virtually impossible.

Motherlode harvesting - (Medium Risk, Medium reward) - You and a group of people with picks and the right disciplines against motherlodes, motherlode locations are less plentiful, require you to remain stationary longer, and are easier to camp, but you gain access to gems, minerals, and a larger volume of rare loot alongside a ton of less rare material.

POI Harvesting - (High risk, High Reward) You, your group, and your expensive caravan journey to a location almost certainly also the target of enemy harvesters to harvest a concentrated chunk of highly valuable material with no filler commons. Your caravan moves more slowly than a mounted player and visually represents the fact it is full of loot. You are easy to find and will almost certainly be required to fight to return your prize to a refinery, but if successful will be rewarded with a much more lucrative haul over the same amount of time. You must defend not only your harvesting operation, but the entire slow trip to the refinery.

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