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Crafting Beyond Common

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Relatively new player for about 3 weeks or so. Getting halfway through my first crafting profession in the tree, but not seeing any options to craft anything beyond common items. Even when I use higher tiered materials, most of my items still come out as common. Is it just more points into the tree or what to move beyond common items or am I missing something else? (I have added disciplines as well for my chosen crafting which is runemaking. Thanks. 

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There’s two potential factors at play:

The First is material quality. The quality of the materials you use determines the possible quality of the result, so if you mix material quality there’s a chance your result will be the lowest quality you used. You should almost always use all the same quality for an item to insure the result. There’s a few items where quality doesn’t matter, but their specific to certain crafting, I don’t believe Runemaking has any of those. You can somewhat play the averages to game the quality up and down, but as rule I generally avoid it unless I have lots of spare material. It doesn’t seem to work in your favor I’m the end.

So if you have all the same quality the second factor comes into play: assembly chance. Every recipe has an assembly difficulty, the farther from this number the higher the risk of a Flawed Assembly (which will automatically downgrade and not let you experiment). If your assembly is over the target number you will max out at 98% chance, there’s always an inherent 2% failure chance no matter what your stats are. 

Something to keep in mind: the quality of the materials you use will alter the assembly difficulty. The higher the quality the more difficulty, when your first starting out this could turn a simple recipe at common to a difficult recipe at rare.

While not directly related to your question some things to know about crafting:

Assembly stat is easy to max out between training, gear, and base stats. Don’t focus on it too much when building a crafting vessel.

Instead you want to focus on Experimentation and Experimentation Points. These are the important stats that really determine the difference between good and bad items. Everyone gets Experimentation from Intellect but the points vary per crafting, it’s usually the same as their primary assembly stat. There’s some more nuance to building crafters but that’s the basics to look at.

If you have more questions don’t hesitate to ask!

A previous post I made with crafter details: 

One note in there, it’s much easier to max out blue crafter vessels now than when I wrote it. And some can max out or get really close with Commons vessels due to the way their stats breakdown.

We do often rely on the crafting command buff to get the last half a point to hit the soft cap of 18 points, so if you don’t have access to that you may need to upgrade your vessel.

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Really appreciate it. Saving this post and the one you linked. 

My daughter and I are out and about collecting and leveling and just trying to grasp everything. So far fun and the crafting is phenomenal, but a steep learning curve, but interesting. 

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