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Post launch Bi-Weekly event idea's

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As soon as I started playing I couldn't help but to see the potential greatness the Crowfall game has for its future.

To the thought though;

  1. Make an timed event in the campaign(s) for a one week period.
  2. Each event has its own theme.
  3. Quest line's to follow ( 3 linier questlines of 9-15 quest each all merging to final quest) with a mix of PvP, PvE, harvesting, and crafting elements with event currency, gear, items, and peaceable critters* for rewards.
  4. Final quest to be guild oriented team work. Final rewards to be currency, (gold, event currency or Crowns pending on overall difficulty), or a Boss Critter**.
  5. 3 tier Questline difficulty, Bronze, Silver, Gold. Beat it 3 times for more final quest rewards and possible bonus Boss Critter**.
  6. Guild ranking bored (not faction). Top 3 guilds get bonus points for they're faction, Trophy for guild hall, possibly unique parcels/spawner's that last 1 week post event.
  7. 10 day brake between events
  8. Event currency locked to campaign, also will be the primary reward in event quests.

* the term critter refers to a normal event troop, beast, or monster. Placing them only at post that your faction owns to increase the guard count, difficulty, and point value for taking said outpost.

** As per normal event troop, beast, or monster, but this is an elite or King/Queen version. Also possible to get a Demi-God version to drop, next to never happens. ( 0.00001% chance, So 1 in a  100, 000 chance! )


I know this will not happen soon, but would help with emersion, fleshing out existing lore, making each campaign more unique.

Any suggestions to help flesh the basics out would be great. Thoughts from ACE staff would be amazing, if not, its OK, I know your busy.

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Quests are going to be added to the game to help facilitate new players learning the ropes. However raids and dynamic pve events probably won't. 

Everything you listed can be found in the sandbox pvp elements of the game. 

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