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Dual Universe


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I have been keeping my eye on this, as I am looking for a Good Sandbox Game and I am not picky on whether it is set in high Fantasy or Sci-Fi, who knows this could be the next SWG :) 

My only irk about it is the First Person approach, I do think for a proper MMORPG a 3rd person approach is best (SWG a good example).

But in terms of Scope, Dynamic and Emergent Gameplay I think this one will be a big winner provided the right implementation and provided they avoid some common mistakes which end up making a game a niche within 3 months of release.

Procedural systems and Player Crafting to Challenge your Imagination, since the game is based on Voxel Technology and everything in the world is editable and can even Script Functionality in to Crafted Items.


With 30,000 pledges thus far and more than 20 Million Euro amassed, it is at the Alpha Testing right now.

There are some Videos out there about it, from Fans and Backers but I chose to share this one which is a compilation of all the Devs videos together, it is long but exhaustive and covers allot.

Has anyone had the opportunity to try it out?


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