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5.100 LIVE Feedback for 9/4/2019

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Loading screens have been really slow this patch. 

Server performance greatly reduces whenever a handful if people are putting into the zone. People loading in/out definitely seems to be the worst offender. 

Fires cause lag spikes when more than 20 people in the same area. 

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Having only 20 exports in trial of Yaga was a poor decision.  I didn't bother bringing any of my harvesters or crafters into the CW because it's just not worth it.   Anything I harvest or make is going to have to be left behind once I export the gear I imported at the start of the campaign.   

Splitting the population between GR, the Infected, and the CW means there's pretty much no one around except at sieges when the big guilds strut their stuff.

At some point (either 5.11 for dregs or 6.0 for alpha, or maybe both, depending how long it takes you to get to alpha from dregs) you're going to want to do a skill wipe so all the people who walked away months ago can come back to a level playing field.  If I were you, I'd do a skill wipe at 5.11 but turn progression up to 20x.   Do another wipe at alpha and use the current 3x for that (with the caveat that you've figured out thrall buffs by then so the first couple of CWs can have ridiculously strong thrall buffs in keeps / forts to allow for good gear to be made).

The PvE aspect of the game has really improved lately.  That said, PvE isn't why we're here.  It's a nice backdrop and gives us something to do in our downtime, but that's it.

There's currently still a dearth of PvP things to do for a small group.  3-5 players can take an undefended fort, sure.  But there are guilds out there who run 10-15 people per group for fort battles.  And honestly, that's probably an appropriate size for a fort battle - 10-15 per side.    So what is a small group of 3-5 supposed to do?  Outposts are a waste of time and don't generate PvP (unless you catch the attention of a bored group of 10-15 in which case you're splatted).   Guarding harvesters isn't a thing.  Trying to gank harvesters is sort of a thing, but it's mostly a lot of running around looking at empty spaces, and you don't get a fun fight even if you catch one.


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I have a bunch of random feedback from a solid chunk of recent play. I don't doubt you've heard some of this before.


Minor disciplines seem like a big weak area in making a build.

I have a few suggestions on potential options to improve the system (which may or may not be mutually exclusive):

1) Make combat-oriented minor disciplines less dependent on passive/active skill slots, which are also used by major disciplines. 

2) If the intention is to encourage non-combat-oriented minor disciplines such as The Reaper, there should be a greater variety of such options.

3) Many of the minor disciplines themselves seem strange. There are an awful lot of thorn-related and song-related minor disciplines, but nothing for some very universal things like movement speed, or stamina, or dodging. It's like a mix of really ultra-specific stuff alongside really generic combat stuff, but neither is a complete set. Pick one (preferably the generic/universal disciplines), and then give us the rest of the pieces so that we can really build with them. 

I think ultimately my suggestion boils down to a) more better minor discipline options, and b) untying them from Major Disciplines (via the passive and/or active slots) 


Additional account vault sorting/filtering categories would be useful - ex. by components, runes, building type, etc.  

When in a non-embargoed situation, I found it mildly annoying to open my bank, scroll down to my stack of gold, withdraw it, close the bank, complete my purchase, reopen the bank, and re-deposit my money.  Same with essence. Many games use a virtual wallet for such currencies, and I'd be in favor of this convenience.

Ability to view and/or rummage around in my inventory while running would be nice. Rifling through a bag while walking is not hard. If I want to apply a bandage or something, yeah, I should have to be still, but simply moving shouldn't close my inventory. There's inevitably a decent amount of walking in open world pvp games, so the more we can get done while in transit, the better.  

The music is nice, and the ambient sounds are great in peaceful times (+10 for the whipporwill). The intense music seems to come on at the wrong or random times occasionally though. I was putzing around in town doing merch and crafting stuff to some very intense fight music for what seemed like an hour (probably actually 5-10 minutes). It was strange. I think it had somehow followed me from a previous encounter without resetting properly. It's otherwise been really good. 

Getting shot by lots of arrows is really cool to hear. 


EK stuff:

I was able to place some walls (especially 3x1) at the limit of their height above the surface. However, applying attachables like stalls or even windows failed. If I can build the wall there, I should be able to apply any facade I'd like, as well. 

The ability to make right-angling staircases/ramps without using extra towers/walls would be very useful. 

Standing banners? I couldn't find anywhere to place these.

Castle ladder seems bugged - I want to get to that platform very high up that one tower, and it seems like the ladder would be the way to get there. I suspect you can get incredible views from up there.

A nice-to-have addition would be the ability to designate individual parcels as PvP or non-pvp. I want my kingdom to be a place my friends can use for fighting, but maybe not exclusively for that.

Edited by Cejo

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Hello All so this is my first impression feedback on some things t hat stuck out for me.

Context: I backed the game some weeks ago, and only played a couple of days...lost interest after 2-3 days.

1 - Overall graphics music and feel. It is good I like it. I am not sure how these graphics will handle hundreds of people fighting out as it looks quite high poly to me but I am assuming it is way too early and that there is really not much polish and performance optimizations in at this time this being alpha and all. Overall character graphics look good lanscapes feel nice too. I like the Eternal Kingdom Graphics as well.

2- Combat system and UI, not fond of it at all. I find it not fluid not intuitive enough with the need to switch to combat which slows you down get out of combat to run faster, get in combat to use one tool/item get out of combat to use another tool/item. The tray changing drives me crasy too. At first I thought it would be a bit like SWG, where we could free the mouse and interact with environment but it is not like that either. The inventory opening up and changing the mechanics of the UI all of the sudden pausing everything is very immersion breaking and become tiresome over time. Needs allot of work..

3 - Timed Skills. I am very conflicted here.

Initial Impression: In the beginning only. it kinda felt nice and fun because things went relatively fast. And I did not feel the need to be in game in order to advance skills or have to specifically spend much time crafting in front of a station to raise skills repeating the same over and over. I could just do whatever and the skill would raise.

After a while: As skills progressed beyond the first level, things got very very very slow... then I found myself playing some other game and waiting on these skills to raise logging on every 3-5 days to assign points skills and logging out.

Conclusion: I do not like it and it is not appealing approach at this time and as is.Maybe if it was faster it could work better.  Like first level should take 2-3 days max to complete, second level a week, third level a couple of weeks and any level beyond another couple of weeks max to get the points. 

I did not like that we can only train 2 skills and there are 3 areas either. It is the reason why I stay loged out. Raising Crafting and exploration first then will raise combat..and then log in to play...when these are completed...by that time if interest to play this game even exists even.

It feels very very unnatural to me to be wanting to do something and not being able to do it because some arbitrary timer says not enough time has passed for me to be able to do it. At least in a game where the player raises their skills manually can do something towards getting where they want..here you are powerless. And do not expect me to start paying cash to buy stuff to make points go faster or being able to train more skills etc either. That to me stinks money grab and p2w schemes.

I would rather pay a stable monthly subscription that gives me access to all of the game and all its features at will no hassle no headache just fun.

More to come later, I am waiting to complete some skills first...and I will play more later...just hope there won;t be a wipe till then..*sigh*

Lets see what we shall see..but I did hate this type of skill system in EVE...


Edited by Duke_Suraknar

~ Duke Suraknar ~

<Order of the Silver Star>, (OSS)

*everyone dies, not everyone really fights*

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Some general feedback on the Duelist:

The class feels extremely weak in this iteration of the game. Bugs like the Pepper Box and Salt Peters definitely aren't helping this, but in general the class just doesn't cut the mustard. I would suggest a few changes to make the class better. 

1. Make the ultimate do more damage, react as a proximity mine versus a timed explosion, and charge faster. I would advocate for changing the ability to a base ability.  make it only usable in stealth, and allow it to do siege damage to walls on a 25-40 sec cd.  Add another ultimate to each specialization that revolves around what the intention is for that that spec.

2. Rapid Fire needs to have something else it brings to the table. Each shot has an independent crit roll on it, and as a result, does very little damage in comparison to auto attacks. Another interaction for the ability would go a long way in making it more interesting/make it viable to even use.

3. Tunnel has been gutted. As the Duelists signature skill fix the pathing, and reduce the cool down so rats can go under walls easier. It use to be 8 seconds which may be to low, but 24 seconds feels punishing.

4. Bring back Quick shot resetting on auto attacks. 

5. Bring back the ability to wear every armor type if you slot a minor disc for it.

6.  A snare ability on left clicks similar to the old master of rapiers passive would be pretty swell. 

7. Vanguard Scout specialization passive is terrible. Give it another passive and an ability that makes the rapier worth using on it. 

8. To many dead stats for the class. Dex is all but worthless with a green body, and rings; Int shares a similar fate. 

9. Pepper Box debuffing piercing armor could be changed to all phyiscal armor.

Overall I feel like the class lacks an identity. My assumption is the class  exists because the race class split wasn't decided on until midway through the project. The Duelist was already done, and ACE didn't want to throw away the animations/abilities already made.


Edited by Zatch

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Pretty new player here (one week and counting) and wanted to put in some things in around the character development.

Character builds:

Each class has a fun tree to go through as you level up, making you feel you can make some choices how you want to play. More tanky or more dps, maybe more controll?. About halfway through to lvl 30 you get to pick a specialisation into mostly 3 different types of options: DPS, Healer/Tank, CC. That's nice that diverse options are available for each class... but then comes the realisation that you end up with 60 points... almost completely filling the tree of your choice, as the rest of the tree's are locked behind the choice you made. End result... you play a class completely thought up by the developers, there is no room for creativity as you get enough points to fill out the tree... so instead of having a lot of options to pick from you end up with one choice...


Then there come the minor, mayor and survival disciplines options. When i found out about them i instantly felt like, yes, more options to build your character a little different from the other characters out there, maybe i can make a templar that swings a greataxe instead... wear different armor... get some really unique skill ... Instead the options are so limited and have a huge overlap and mostly giving more active or passive abilities you dont really have space for. So you maybe pick one or two abilities but nothing is made so that a discipline will really change your character. I tried a healing mayor disc as i enjoyed the idea of a mino berserker that could selfheal a little to be more tanky in a regenerative way. But as the support power of a mino myrm is so low it didnt give me anything. So only healers will be able to really use the healer disciplines.. but why should they? they got healing already from their class so the disc just adds an extra button but no real freedom in what character you make.

Suggestion: Why not free up the tree's, give the player more options to train then they have points for, that way experimentation becomes a thing, creative character designs can appear. Add more unique and powerful disciplines to the mix(that only give one active/passive skill?) so that you can have a class pick one strong heal to support his build. Maybe add skilltrees for the different disciplines so that they really add a layer to your character build and design. Now i always ran out of room in my bars, having to not really use all my disc slots as one mayor disc alone gave me more actions that i just couldn't slot. I understand that they want to force you into making choices in what skill goes where, but that means you actually get skills but cant use them, which is not a nice feeling after you worked (hard) to get them in the first place. Or maybe make all minor disciplines passives that just always add to your character, why do you need a slot in your bar AND on your character sheet for this? You even get to train them specifically in your character class... just to end up with a skill you cant really use because the mayor disc is just a little better...

Passive skill training:

Why is this a thing? You want a pvp game, you need people online for that. Now i felt i should just wait for my expie to grow, get more points and maybe logon when there was an actual siege or fight to fight (instead of getting killed in seconds in 1v1 seeing i am only a noob) None of my actions in the game would give me increased skills. Nothing i did was really giving me a better character. Sure i could harvest a little.. but i lacked the skill to get to the good stuff... needed better harvesting skills to get most of that stuff... me chopping away at trees might give me some dust, but it didn't give me a sense of accomplishment. Now if the 1000 trees i chopped would actually give me some additional skill points in the harvesting/survival tree, that would actually give me a sense of accomplishment and keep me in the game (yes, maybe a target for an eager pvp stalker to hunt players) but now i just didn't really feel i need to be online... the 100 gold i get from the white wood is not really useful... so i just stay away... so the pvp stalker has nothing to do, so he stays away... so the people wanting to hunt the hunters or protect the harvesters.. stay away... result.. i logged in maybe finding 5 people online!

Suggestion: Why not have the people that harvest gain extra survival/harvesting expie? why not have crafters gain some extra expie in the crafting classes they do during their time online. Why not have people that capture points, kill players or hunt the various npc monsters gain fighting skills? Give us a reason to be online to work on our character, progression is so important to have when playing a mmo.


The choices and options are there, but give us the freedom to really make choices in how WE want to build and play our character. Give the actions we do meaning towards getting better at doing those actions. If you invest in a selfhealing barbarian berserker, make it valid. Don't tease with a freedom of options just to not be able to make a valid build out of it. Have a heal trigger of attack power? Have a damage spell trigger of healing done. Put a timer on it so that its not too powerful, but can support a player in playing that hybrid style he likes or add a powerful option to support your playing style even more. Give me the option to pick all cool combo's of abilities instead of just forcing me into one specific play style where the tree boils down to one choice.. what specialisation did you want again? DPS...CC...Tanky...Healing...

(i like being creative and trying different things, one thing that shadowbane was famous for.. i loved my dagger throwing proccing stun priest, my 80% runspeed centaur wolf... my weak as paper never to be hit elf ranger. Hope to see a good pass over the current system. The pieces are there, now give us the room to break the moulds you provided for them)



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