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Crowfall in a Nutshell - Guide series for new Players


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Welcome fellow Crows,

I would like to announce my 4 Episode-rich Guide for new Crows: Crowfall in a Nutshell!

The Videos will release 1 week after the articles and will be linked there.


Crowfall in a Nutshell #1: The Worlds overview, Eternal Kingdom


  • World Rule Set: Eternal Kingdom, God's Reach, Campaign
  • Eternal Kingdom: How to place Pacels and Building

Crowfall in a Nutshell #2: Embargo System, God's Reach, Cosmetic Items


  • Embargo System: How to import / export Items from and to Campaigns
  • God's Reach: How to level up
  • Cosmetic Items

Crowfall in a Nutshell #3: PvP and Gathering


  • Outposts
  • Forts, Keeps
  • Siege Schedule
  • Capture Points
  • Leaderboard
  • Seasons and their impact on gathering and the Capture Bonus
  • Catchup Mechanic

Crowfall in a Nutshell #4: Wartribes, Vessels, Equipment, Character Build


  • Watribes
  • Equipment and Durability
  • Vessels
  • no respecs
  • Talents
  • Disciplines

All you need to know about Crowfall in one place: http://crowfall.crusaderw.com

Ask questions on my Stream at https://www.twitch.tv/crusaderw

Edited by CrusaderW
Released Crowfall in a Nutshell #4
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