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Trial of Yaga - Push and shove

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The Trial of Yaga

The trail of Yaga is in its early stages, so till people get settled in and the sieges start, roaming is pretty much what we spend the most time on.  In the Trial of Yaga, Caldera is allied with -NM- and the evenings roams have been quiet enjoyable.   Take a look at their recruitment : Nordic Marauders, in the video below just a new spec, and messing around.

Just need a little push to work.

#CrowfallGame #Warstories #NM #Caldera

Edited by Soulreaver

Huginn ok Muninn, fljúga hverjan dag, Jörmungrund yfir; óumk ek of Hugin,, at hann aftr né komi-t, þó sjámk meir of Munin

Gathering of Ranger videos

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