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Low FPS and small freezes when looting, is this normal?

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I just started playing, completely aware that this is not a finished game, so I didn't take much notice to it at first but now after playing for quite a bit I decided to see if I could find other people experiencing it and it doesn't seem like it. Everytime I loot, or everytime I open up the interface really, the game freezes for a second. So looting mobs becomes extremely tedious because of this, if this is common then obviously I don't mind but I'm wondering if there are others that experience this? The FPS is pretty low too, I'd say jumping anywhere from 25-50 fps without anything happening (I've been pretty much just trying different classes etc in the starting zone, done some crafting etc).

I'm on the new Razer blade 15" laptop that got released 2 months ago, so there should definitely not be any problems with the hardware.

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The game, since is has not been optimized, is very RAM and CPU heavy.


When I upgraded to a brand new computer (32gb RAM and a brand new i7), those freezes disappear.


But yes low fps and small freezes are normal if you don't have top end computers.


What I can say though, is that you get used to it, I played with that and worse performance for over 2 years of development.


But if you come over from a super optimized game, it seems bad at first.

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