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Knights of the Golden Vessel [KGV] Recruiting

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Knights of the Golden Vessel (KGV)     Preface/History: Knights of the Golden Vessel is a PvP focussed guild that looks to be effective as a small/medium sized unit in the com

From the inscription above the Reliquary of the Golden Vessel- Second Verse The knight sunk to his knees with blood running through the crevices of his armor. D’Orion took the golden vessel in hi

Congrats, guys! It was a close run.

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Hello KGV.  I have tried locating Crem on discord, but have not had any luck.  Are y'all still recruiting?  I have 3 lvl 30's and would love to get involved with this guild and need some help.  Your youtube vids have been very helpful.  I am frontsideblunt #0587 on discord.  Please let me know if you are still recruiting.  

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Hey Crem.  Pimphish here.  Been playing on an off during development.  Wondering if you're taking new recruits? Love pvp.  Looking to get invested in a group. I'm a NA west coast player.  Discord name is Azral#9180.

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Hey Crem, tried to get you on discord but discord doesn't seem to recognize you. 

Are you guys still recruiting?  I'd like to join.

New player, level 30 archer looking to learn.   Gard#7732 on Discord.

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