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Some question for beginner


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I watched all of the "getting started" videos and read a bunch of the FAQs. I was just wondering what you people that have already started playing recommend doing to get started that may not be mentioned/emphasized in the official content. Also what have your favorite classes and experiences been? 

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Been a while since i seen the videos so i cant help much with your first question, but it is VERY helpful to find an active guild / friends to play with.

As far as favorite classes... thats going to vary greatly from player to player. And should only be based on what u like to do in a sandbox mmo

If you enjoy crafting, start exploring how that system works.

If u enjoy the pvp side, do u like range classes over melee? Do u prefer healing / support classes? 

The more u narrow down what u like the greater we can assist u in finding something u would like :)

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On 9/27/2019 at 10:14 AM, TigerTran said:

recommend doing to get started that may not be mentioned/emphasized in the official content. Also what have your favorite classes and experiences been? 

OK, here is a basic guideline:

If you find a guild that is welcoming to new players and honestly help them to get through the first stages ... join and follow their lead.


If not, this is what I would recommend:

Choose a race/class combination that sounds good for you and your individual playstyle. If you don't have any notable preferance, the guinecean duelist has an early stealth opportunity, can be played as a pure ranged fighter if equipped with two pistols, and has an early stun ability. Which helps a lot when you otherwise don't really know what you do.

Go to the God's Reach campaign and kill spiders in the first starter area until you are at about level 5.

Go on to the temple, use the portal to the level 5 island, choose a NPC camp and smash them until you don't want no more.
- Use the world bank B to save any items when your inventory is full. 
- Keep your chicken ticker - food-meter top left  - at at least 7/10 or you will heal slower
- Get out of combat and back to survival mode H after each combat, or you will heal slower
- Use bandages to heal much faster when in survival mode. You can craft them on your own via the crafting menu J with only a few wood which you can harvest from any simple tree, even with bare hands.

By doing this, level your vessel up to level 30 and equip it appropriately.
- Always equip the next best armor/weapon you loot from those NPCs. Most important are the weapons. If they do about 70 damage, you are fine. Then focus on armor. Which armor you can equip depends on your class. Open your talent tree to see which armor your class might be able to wear in the end, depending on your final subclass decision.
- Keep one type of any weapon/armor in your world bank for future classes. Sell the rest of them to vendors in the temple or sacrifice them at the fire pot there. Put a focus on sacrificing them.
- At the beginning, don't care a lot about discipline runes. They will become important later. But for the start, they give much more gold at the vendors than anything else. 100+ gold each. So just sell them.
- Buy a pack pig saddle as soon as possible - starting at the temples central area going to the market area the vendor is in the first quarter on the left side - , equip the item in your vessels saddle slot and equip the ability to use it in your spell book K. It allows you to move faster while using it, though you cant fight or harvest while active. To disable it again, activate it and interrupt the activation while moving.  
- Save all the artifacts you can find. The first NPC camp on the lvl 5 island in God's Reach has artifact stations, like working tables,  where you can combine those letters to an artifact bind that will grant a lot of sacrifice points. Only combine them when you really need them. Other then the artifact pieces themselves, they need a lot of space and are not stackable.

Create other vessels, if you need more inventory. At the moment you will need more vessels, you will know what stuff is important to keep and what you can get rid of without hitting your head at the next wall out of frustration.


After you are done with that, got some basic fight experience, got level 30 with your common vessel and are equipped well enough for a start, you'll be ready to walk the worlds freely, check out new class/race combinations, harvest without having to be afraid all the time, knowing which equipment could be useful to craft and to find a guild without just being a millstone around their neck. Sieges, here you come.

In other words

Welcome to Crowfall,
have fun and good luck ;)


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