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The enthusiasm to teach, help and inform people about Crowfall - was a part of why I founded Vanguard.

This motivation and mindset is shared between my members and I, and we are working hard to provide the community with quality content.
So, in this thread we will gather all the Guides, Tools and Information that we produce and want to share with the public.
We hope you enjoy and find the stuff we produce useful - any constructive criticism and requests are welcome!
I will post everytime something new is released.


Vanguards Minor Discipline Guide: LINK
A short sum up of the current viable minor disciplines, great to get an overview of what is currently available (patch 5.100).


Vanguards Siege Equipment Calculator: LINK
If you've ever had to create a lot of siege equipment to prepare for a siege, this tool will make it easy for you to see just how many resource you need to buy - for you to craft your desired amount of siege equipment.



Vanguards Trial Badges Overview: LINK
A list showing the different badges that have been obtainable so far, from the different Trials of Gods.
Shows both their in game icon, and which stats they give.

Edited by Yumx

My Twitch - My Youtube - Apply to Vanguard HERE!

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10 hours ago, Archaos said:

The Minor Discipline Guide was very helpful, thank you.

Is there any chance a Major Discipline Guide will make its way into this thread? 

No problem!

Yes, but making one now could potentially be a waste of time, so I am waiting for the next patch to come on test, so I can make sure I include any new changes 😁

Edited by Yumx

My Twitch - My Youtube - Apply to Vanguard HERE!

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